Screenshot 2015-07-11 13.09.49Every so often something comes across my feed and stops me dead in my tracks (with excitement, of course!).

Today that something something was Woods Canada’s callout for adventurers!

Woods Canada is looking for 2 explorers to go on an adventure along the Trans Canada Trail this summer. Get paid to hike, paddle, climb, and camp across Canada! Apply by April 17. #WoodsExplorer http://bit.ly/1BFCeZ6

That’s right (!!). Woods Canada is on the search for a dynamic duo keen to spend the summer travelling across Canada on the Trans Canada Trail (TCT). The adventurers will be “required” to camp, canoe and most of all, EXPLORE the great outdoors. Awesome.

The adventure officially kicks off in May (and ends in late September). If you love adventures, Canada and are keen to dive deep into this opportunity, check out Woods’ dream job posting! Applications are due by April 17 — and oh yeah, it also pays $20,000 per person. :)

If you’ve decided this opportunity isn’t for you (life can get in the way, I know!), then keep your eyes posted on the #WoodsExplorer hashtag over the coming months. Personally, I’m stoked to follow along with the duo’s journey.

Learn more about Woods Canada:

  • https://facebook.com/woodscanada
  • https://twitter.com/woods_canada

Learn more about the Trans Canada Trail:

  • https://facebook.com/transcanadatrail
  • https://twitter.com/TCTrail
  • https://instagram.com/tctrail

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