why i love twitter

a positive change i have made in 2010 (well and late 2009)… utilizing twitter.  i have known people on twitter for quite a long time, but was never an active user. shortly after meeting some amazing people, i thought i would give it a chance. well well well, i love it. why?

1) i love that i have an audience. just over 200 people who are listening to what i’m saying, and if i piss them off they can de-friend me. i pretend that these people actually care and if i was in dire straits they would help – but more than likely, that’s not the case. i’m motivated by my audience. motivated to be better, learn more, and strive for the best. to some degree, the more followers you have is a direct result of how interested people are in your thoughts (well unless you are from hollywood :P).

2) i love that i can help and teach people. i have learned that i am a wealth of information. i am always in the know, so why not share that information with others. does everyone know that www.canadianaffair.ca often offers $49 flights to the UK? what about the latest event coming to calgary? opportunities to volunteer? i love the sharing factor of twitter. 

3) i love that i am smarter because of twitter. i’m always surprised as to what i learn from the ‘live feed’ or whatever it’s called. today i learned that it was bubble wrap appreciation day – yes, this may seem like a useless fact, but upon reading the tweet, i smiled (in a completely silly kind of way). i’m kept up to date on news, happenings in calgary, events, and more! 

4) i love that i’m virtually meeting amazing people.  some of these people have thousands (and hundreds of thousands) of followers for a reason. they are leaders… leaders in life, leaders in their industry, and leaders on twitter. they have a ton to share (and RT), all of which is beneficial to the twitter community and i appreciate it too!

5) i love that it’s convenient. when am i not signed in? hmmm…. never? having a mac and an iphone – twitter is easy! if i have a random thought i post. i don’t get caught up with – how long has it been since i posted last? what will my friends think? is this facebook worthy? blah blah. it doesn’t matter. someone out there in twitter land will smile or laugh. 

tweets make people happy. <3 enough said.

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