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If you didn’t know… I’m in Vancouver right now… AND ridiculously inspired.

Today I met up with some amazing people and I was completely incapable of sending out a thank you to them in 140 characters.

To Shannon, Glenn and Tod – thank you for the conversation, laughs and energy. You were all an absolute delight.

To you, the friend or random reader/stalker – please meet some incredible locals:

Shannon Bosa-Yacoub: Momma & Leading Lady behind the Glowbal Group

How did I connect with Shannon? I have been following @talesfromabar on Twitter for awhile and a few months ago they interviewed Shannon and posted it on their site. Incredible woman. I was immediately intrigued by her story and perspective on good, travel, family and community. Once I was in town, I reached out and what do you know – she agreed to meet!

To date, I have been very anti-tweetup. I blogged on the topic last year (very babbly post, VERY – but few good points!). Anyways… I love when I meet random people from the internet and they somewhat match the ‘online person’ I have grown to know.

I could feel Shannon’s excitement for life through her tweets and that was only validated in person. Totally impressed and intrigued by this woman to watch.

Glenn Hilton – Go with the flow web dev / web design guy

How did I connect with Glenn? He wrote a blog post, gave me a mention, I saw he had 20k followers (thought WTF), checked out his bio, thought hmmm, asked to go for coffee.

In my brain, it was really that simple. I’m a warm-fuzzy-get-a-good-feeling-from-people kind of networker. I didn’t really have any idea what this ‘Drupal’ thing was and definitely didn’t click on his website. Something just told me he was a great person.

This meeting could likely have gone horribly wrong. I could have ended up bound at the ankles and put in a dumpster at UBC… kidding. ;) Moving on… Glenn is pretty awesome and I loved his BC-feel! To all the men that I make fun of for wearing short pants… Glenn passed. He was wearing shorts!

His expertise is in web dev/design, but also dabs in social media, marketing and the bringing the community together. Loved his mix of casual conversation and passion for business. He also suggested I real the book – Getting Naked. Anyone read it yet?

Lastly, I still have no idea what Drupal is… perhaps he’ll fill me in next time! :)

Tod Maffin – Digital Media done well

How did I connect with Tod? He’s a renowned speaker in Canada (maybe North America?!) and recently presented in Calgary via Speakers Showcase. Part of Tod’s presentation was on the Facebook Generation – very cool and totally up my alley. I reached out being like hey you’re cool, I follow you on Twitter, let’s be best friends. It. Worked. ;)

Please note now. It is ALWAYS a good thing when a guy cancels on you and needs to reschedule. Why? Lunch, dinner, drinks, whatever – it’s now in your court. Life is always easier when it’s in your court. So anyways… Tod owed me. When I booked out to Vancouver, I called him to collect on lunch, dinner, drinks, whatever.

Tod’s expertise? Digital media, social media, klout monitoring, cats, bubble baths, incense… the list goes on. In the very short time that I’ve known Tod… one thing is to note. Our minds both work very quickly. It is hard to keep up with conversation and we don’t ever finish a statement. Tonight he shared so much advice on business, communication and technology tools. I felt overwhelmed with information, but so excited to add a few more productivity tools to my day to day.

Who doesn’t love a guy who likes bubble baths?


The list of incredible people I have met in Vancouver goes on and on… today, the above few wow’d me and get extra special attention. Additional shout outs to Ron Tite, The Art of Productions team (Scott, Chris, Lukas et al), Judy Brooks, Val Litwin, Jill Earthy, Shawna Little, Samantha Harris, Cindy Scarborough, Geoff Webb, Forum of Women Entrepreneurs and Women’s Enterprise Centre.

Being wordy is a condition of mine. I wish it qualified me for some kind of grant.

Vancouver… until next time. So happy to call you my soon-to-be-home.


[Note to self: I should totally blog on short pant length one of these days…]

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  1. Tod Maffin June 15, 2011

    Was lovely to connect. :)

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