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Since starting Runcouver, I’ve become way more  tapped into the running shoe community (they probably have a more formal name than that)… anyways you know who I mean…. Saucony, Mizuno, New Balance and the like. I read their blogs, pay attention to their tweets and learn about how they engage with the community.

Last week Saucony Canada’s “Show Us Your STRONG Face” contest came across my feed and I did a big — ooooo, ahhhhh. Many of you know about the running shoe ordeal / nightmare / blah blah I went through this Spring trying to find THE shoe. I had been running in a pair of crappy runners from 10 years ago and my toes were turning black and blue on every run. I set out to find THE shoe and it took me an absolute eternity. After trying on (and running in) about 10  pairs, I landed on the Saucony Kinvara 3. The folks at Running Room on Denman told me they were light, had enough support and would make me a speedy demon on the pavement.

Well they were bang on.

I’ve been running in them since Spring and I haven’t thought twice about switching. I have thought about buying a second pair though!

Saucony called out to runners across Canada — they wanted to see our definition of STRONG. What did you have to do? Just submit a photo of you running strong with a tagline, then voting would begin and 3 people would win new runners!

So I entered (how could I not, let’s be real)!

My submission:

“Running has given me strength that I didn’t know was possible. For the first time in my life, I feel mentally and physically strong — like I could take on the world. Running through pink fairy dust and dominating a race? No big deal.”

The photo was taken at Color Me Rad (a 5K race that took place at UBC Thunderbird Stadium in August). It could also be known as the most colourful run in the city — they spray paint on you at every kilometre. :) Such a fun race — and definitely one that Kate, Meridith and I powered through!

31 people entered — with only a few from the West Coast (and only one other from Vancouver! High five Andrew!). I already love you to the moon and back — but I would love you to MARS and back if you would support the contest (and my entry hehe!).

This girl needs a new pair of Kinvaras. :)

The nitty gritty:

  • Voting ends November 28th at 10:00pm EST (that’s 7:00pm PST folks!)
  • Twitter hashtag is #FindYourStrong

It’s super easy.

All you gotta do is click below to cast your vote on the best STRONG face in Canada!

Voting began yesterday and we hit 52 votes! Woop woop! Thank you friends. 5 days to go.


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