wedding date

This weekend I watched “Wedding Date” with Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney… not for any particular reason, just because I needed some background noise while I was studying.

The movie is a about a woman, Kat, who hires an escort, Nick, to act as her boyfriend and accompany her to her sister’s wedding.  Anyways typical chick flick to many degrees.

Best part of the movie:

Nick Mercer: Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Close… your… eyes. You’re safe. You can relax. I’m not going to kiss you. He’s going be so sorry he lost you, so stop worrying. Forget the past. Forget the pain. And remember what an incredible woman you are. You do that and he’ll realize what he lost.

Kat Ellis: Holy crap. You’re worth every penny.

It’s always important to remember your worth ladies.  Don’t forget about the bad… but move on from it. You truly are incredible. ❤

PS – I have quite a few weddings to attend in 2011.  The first guy who comes up with “lines” such as that one gets to attend all of them… ha ha. ;)

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