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Today a friend of mine from university (thank you Ahmed!) sent me a link on Facebook regarding hiring and LinkedIn. The article, Is Pinterest the new LinkedIn for job seekers?, was posted on the Globe & Mail’s career column in late March — and immediately caught my eye.

My first reaction was absolutely not.

My second reaction was I better read the article. :)

So anyways… a few good points:

  • Involvement in social networking sites can provide you with exposure
  • Pinterest will not solve unemployment
  • Pinterest is getting a lot of traffic

Profound. ;)

Read the article and make a decision, but personally I don’t think that Pinterest is the next big thing for recruiting. It is one more place for a Recruiter to stalk you {although I’ve never seen it come up for an applicant in Google rankings} and it is an opportunity to help or hurt your “personal brand.” No sex, drugs, rock n’ roll and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

No different than any other social networking site, be aware of what you put out to the masses. The internet lives forever.

If you have an infographic resume — or whatever the hell job candidates are putting out there on Pinterest, ‘pin’ it to the homepage of your domain and generate traffic to your own site. Make a whole portfolio while you’re at it! :)

If you think Recruiters really want to know about the types of herbs you grow, birthday cake designs for your 4 year old or the type of chartreuse pillows you bought — you are wrong. It’s additional information that makes absolutely no difference to your application.

Me on Pinterest

If Recruiters or potential clients stalked me on Pinterest, they would find some version of myself. The Pinterest version of me has boards about running, yoga, travel, food and fashion. I’m usually on Pinterest as I wind down my night. 15-20 mins max. I often fall in love with a piece of fashion that I can’t afford or actually find online {this number is way cute}. It often spurs creativity or a super idea. My usual ‘pins’ have to do with running, healthy eats or some random do-it-yourself craft that I’ll do when I’m old and decrepit.

Pinterest for Brands?

I agree with Erica Swallow‘s comment about brands not joining Pinterest (or any site) if you don’t have a plan. Every platform has a different purpose. Figure out what works for your company and push full-speed ahead. Another post on Pinterest for brands can be found here. IMO tons of brands have got Pinterest way wrong. They joined because it’s the latest thing — and it’s fairly straight forward to sign up. Guaranteed that they have not looked into privacy/liability or thought about the tool strategically. A few who I think  have figured out a way to make it work for them? FoodtreeOrganic Lives and YYoga. Well done to that crew.

Shocking Stats

The article states that Americans spend 1 hour 17 mins on the site. No idea on Canadian statistics but that seems like a whole lot of time. Love dream boards, visualizations and visual learners — but how about getting centered back on real life? Spend 17 mins on the site and 1 hour turning your dreams into reality. Promise that you’ll make more progress.

This random post is brought to you by 5am mornings and general exhaustion. Love Pinterest — but it still needs to find it’s place in this big bad world.

PS – What is with all the girls who have ‘when I’m married’ boards on Pinterest? For real, you’re not dating, engaged, nor have a blow up boyfriend. What if you don’t get married? Or what if you do get married and it’s not like Barbie’s dream castle? Then what? #EndRant


  1. msimoens April 18, 2012

    Thanks for this perspective. I’ve been boning up on both HR as well as Pinterest but it had never occurred to me that they’d be related. My firm isn’t looking to grow so recruitment is not a top of the mind concern at the moment. Can you point me a good resource to learn about what HR is really all about, why it’s important, etc. etc?

    ps. 5am #fistbump. I’m trying it. I’m not quite there yet.

  2. Jillian Walker April 18, 2012

    Hey Mike!

    With the push to ‘social recruiting’… HR and biz folks tend to assault every new technology that arrives! Some are completely related, others are not. In this case I think it’s the latter.

    Can ‘boning’ be used in that context? I’m not sure…

    As for ‘not looking to grow’ so ‘recruitment not a top of mind concern’…. remember that recruitment ties directly to employer branding and retention. When and if you need to start looking for new employees, you need to be known. I’m a strong believer that employers should always be recruiting. I wrote a post for Forum for Women Entrepreneurs last year and it touches on the topic of hiring (page 21): http://issuu.com/fwebc/docs/forum-magazine-fall-2011 Employers should hire slow, fire fast and always be creating a pipeline of talent. Recruitment is a real pain in the ass when you have to do it reactively. That will be the case if you put it out of sight, out of mind. Why should your current employees continue working for you? Why should new faces join your team? What are you doing to create a good working environment and creating a company that fosters innovation? Might seem a little fluffy but that’s exactly what the job market wants to know.

    Few great resources on HR:

    If you follow HR folks on Twitter, that can *sometimes* be a good resource too. In my opinion, HR doesn’t work unless the management team sees it’s value. It’s not about HR people ‘proving’ they should have a seat at the table, it’s about business leaders recognizing why people are important. Some HR folks are totally old school, others are totally out to lunch… you just gotta find the school of thinking that aligns with you.

    PS – Today I woke up at 7am and then are building was evacuated at 7:30am. Fun. Times.

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  4. msimoens May 16, 2012


    I’ve been thinking about your response since you sent it. I really appreciate the time you took to reply. As of yesterday I’ve officially taken on the task ensuring we have appropriate (or better) HR for our size (we’re not huge.)

    I’m one of the owners/directors and I think it’s safe to say that a recognition of the importance of people is present here.

    Would you mind if I contacted you via email with a few more details about my particular situation? We’re not your typical firm.

    Or perhaps you could put me in touch with someone I could speak to about HR practices and philosophy etc. who you trust back here in Calgary. Or just a few Twitter handles? ;)

    Regardless, thank you so much for your contribution. It’s already helped.


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