Twelfth Race Complete!

Whoaaa!!! Twelve races!!!

Crazy to think that I ran for the first time in my life a mere 9 months ago.

On Saturday morning I headed over to Victoria in preparation for the Goodlife Victoria 8K Road Race {held in conjunction with their annual Marathon!}. I had been debating running the half marathon {apparently it’s an amazing course}, but stuck to my guns on the 8K. In retrospect, I’m soooo glad I did. Really not a fan of out and back courses — especially on race day!

Clare and I planned to meet up bright and early on Sunday morning. The 8K started before the half-marathon and marathon — so we were due to be at the Legislature buildings by about 6:45am. We started the race before the sun came up {it was a mighty chilly morning}… and took in gorgeous views of the sunrise till 4K. The  race had 2501 participants with 896 men & 1605 women! The ladies represented!

I had been nervous about this race because I haven’t really been running… I ran the Coho Run in early September but since then {and during that race!}… I’ve been battling flu – cold – flu – cold. Then I just got off track with training and boom, I’ve only run once in the last month. I ran a 10K last weekend, but it took absolutely everything out of me to get through it. I kept on telling myself — you’re lapping everyone on the couch… just… pull… through. Not really a motivating way to  head into race week.

This race went surprisingly a-ok. I didn’t run it fast, just went with the flow. I had a SERIOUS playlist malfunction right out of the gate. My plan was to listen to my ol’ faithful 10K playlist {it always gets me through a race}, but right after I started my Nike+ GPS, the music changed and BOOM…. iPhone switched playlists and Coldplay was on. 3 songs played on repeat the ENTIRE RACE. :| I don’t even know how that is possible. Not good at all.

I ended up finishing with a time of 45:24, 5:41 pace, 42/208 for age, 273/1846 for women. Happy with the results and blessed that the weather behaved! Victoria harbour front is absolutely gorgeous and I’d take any opportunity to run along the water again!

The year in review:

… still hard to believe!

Thanks to Clare for being an awesome running partner — and seriously kicking my ass. Congrats to Nikki, Nicole and Richard for dominating the half-marathon and marathon this weekend!

Looking forward to the Energizer Night Race 10K next weekend in Vancouver!


  1. Selina Ma October 16, 2012

    This is beyond amazing! I heard from a few friends about you, and ever since I’ve become a big fan! You’re such a great source of inspiration!

  2. Jillian Walker October 29, 2012

    Thank you so much Selina. So kind of you to say. xx

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