too much travel?

so today i’ve been procrastinating homework and taking a break from reality – which for me means catching up on reality tv, vegging out, chatting on the phone, and thinking about the future.  2010 has been rockin’ so far and i only expect it to continue through the rest of the year. i have many exciting things planned, including some trips abroad!  hawaii, new york, las vegas, australia, and japan are all on the agenda.  i’m heading to hawaii with a girlfriend to take a break from uni and the -20 cold winters in calgary.  new york was an on-the-fly decision as westjet had a sale for direct flights at $65 each way – wicked deal. haley and i will head there after exams to have a mental break from life and enjoy the sights of the city. las vegas, my sister’s stagette – enough said. australia, oh australia. nothing solidified yet, but tentative plan is to head over there i the summer for 5 weeks or so. i have a lot of people to see and my girlfriend, jessica, is doing one of those work/travel holiday visas.  hopefully travel, networking in the HR community, and connecting with long-lost friends!  lastly, japan…! jci world congress in osaka for a week in the fall. japan will likely be extremely bad timing with my last semester of uni but c’est la vie!  

so regardless of everything that is booked, i still want more! i’m still watching deals, i want more to look forward to! …. but why? why do i need more?  2010 is going to be one of my best years yet and i should be satisfied with how it’s looking. is there such thing as too much travel? yes there is when you travel for business, i get that. what if… an employee takes too much time off work? takes too much time away from friends? or reality? does this affect them in the long-run?  i would only think the answer is yes.  by no means, i will be able to travel LIKE THIS forever, but i also want to travel forever.  likely quality will become more important than quantity as i move into the future.

one week ago, i put my cosmetics back into my makeup bag. since december 27, my cosmetics have been in the liquids bag that the airlines provide and i’ve been carrying this beat up plastic bag in my purse. does this mean i have a problem? i was wondering if maybe subconsciously i didn’t change the bag, because it means that i’m not going anywhere for awhile.  i know that i don’t want to be in calgary forever, but i’m content here for now… oh travel, how i love you and am frustrated by you all at the same time.

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