to love or not to love

So it’s Valentine’s Day. Yes, that “holiday” that comes one a year where society expects you to shower your significant other with love, feel sorry for all those that haven’t found “the one”, or embrace in anti-Valentine’s Day activities.

To be honest, I’m not anti- the holiday, I hate the holiday. I don’t hate it because I’m broken-hearted and bitter, nor single and spectacular.  I hate it because it’s a holiday where people have to prove themselves. Men have to show how much they “love” their girlfriend. Men are expected to buy candy, chocolates, flowers, jewellery, or god help you… a stuffed animal. Those in those *really* committed relationships ;) are spoiled with Coach handbags, Tiffany’s diamonds and Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Women get brisked away for a romantic weekend or a cutesy dinner on the town. Men get extra points in the dating market when they do something that’s creative or original. I’m serious… if you bake a girl cupcakes or make a homemade card… my god, she’ll be over the moon. The next day at work, when she tells the story of how her boyfriend did something different, all the girls will gush and swoon over how she’s found “the one.” Doesn’t that make you want to vomit?

Did you know that…

  • 33% of single men avoid getting into a relationship between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day
  • 4% of women in a relationship of less than 2 weeks expect a gift on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just another day.  Love doesn’t mean material things. Love doesn’t mean confessing your soul. Love doesn’t mean you should splash your body in pink and red everything. Love is not about expectation.

Don’t even get me started on those who propose or get married on this day. To each their own, but that is absolutely ridiculous.

If anything, Valentine’s Day should be a reality check for everyone to say… “Do I LOVE life?” It doesn’t matter if you’re single or coupled up. What really matters the most is that you’re truly happy and that you share love with those around you.

Valentine’s Day should honestly be *my* holiday. I love pink, hearts, and all those xoxo’s.

I love LOVE.

Valentine’s Day is not my holiday, because I truly don’t believe in showing my love once a year – or even making it more of a priority once a year. I ensure that I embrace love into my everyday. Love is about 365 days… ok maybe 360 days, as I’m bound to be crazy a few days of the year. ;) Love is about seeing the good in other people. Love is about being genuine and active in relationships.

“Love is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day.” – Nicholas Sparks

My favourite Valentine’s Day was in 2004.  A guy friend had just broken up with his girlfriend and wanted a night out on the town. A girlfriend and I went out with him – first up, dinner; next up, dancing at Outlaws (remember Outlaws…? such a brutal bar). I remember that night clearly, it was the first time I kissed a girl… oh man, such a sucker for love. ;) We left the bar and headed to Springbank for a house party, went hottubbing in our panties, and got home at 8am. My uncle (I lived with him at the time) asks me, “Where were you last night?”… I say “In Springbank”… he says “Do you know where that is?”… I say “No.” He says “Were you out for Valentine’s Day?”… I say “No.” Out of all the nights I partied in my first few years of university, I remember this night in particular because it was a ton of fun.

On Valentine’s Day 2010, I was in Hawaii on a vacation with a girlfriend. We went out for dinner and were told that the restaurant was celebrating “Singles Day.” We were given heart shaped balloons to wear on our heads… proof:

Valentine's Day 2010

Seriously? People all over Waikiki were walking around with these on their heads. Let me repeat… seriously? I’m all over a theme party or even a stamp on the hand – but heart-shaped balloons meant for head wear? No, that is not how Valentine’s Day works. Are you scared to hit up Hawaii over Reading Week now? You should be.

Everyone has their opinion on this topic. I am not the girl who has to be in a relationship to be successful or whole. There are pros and cons of being in a relationship vs. being single, but one is not better than the other. Being committed to someone revolves around timing. I am a true believer that when you are your best self, wonderful people magically appear. People are attracted to confidence, intelligence, ambition, and real beauty.

I have tons of girlfriends who are with guys solely because they don’t feel like they can be great alone. They continually spew out the “I love you” without the least bit of sincerity… why? Because they feel like they have to. They would do anything to keep the relationship that they’re in. Bad days dominate good days… yet they stay.

My thoughts are… why waste your time?

I truly believe that everyone will find that “can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of stuff” in a relationship. Maybe it will hit when you’re 26, but it could be when your 18 or 40. The point is… if you know it’s coming… why look for it? It’ll hit you smack in the face when you least expect it.

Love everyday. Love your family and friends – and all their successes. Love the opportunities that are continually presented to you. Love that people have opinions and that they’ll argue with you. Love that you’re passionate and commit your time to causes you love. Love your job – the good days and the bad. Love what life teaches you.

For all of you that have been waiting for February 14, 2011 since February 15, 2010… power to you. I hope you have a delightful day and it is everything you could have hoped for. I hope that you are able to truly define love and know what you need from your significant other.

For all of you who love being single and everything that comes with it… book your yearly physical and girlie check up ha ha. ;) Head out on the town, go find a frog or a prince… drink too much wine and text that person you’ve been lusting after… or hit the gym (or the books) and continue contributing to that best person you can be.

For all those that do actually wish they were in a relationship and hate being single, let me offer you a few facts:


See doesn’t that make it so much better?!! :D

If you were planning on gifting me with wonderful material things tomorrow… a few tips… I don’t like candy, chocolate or sweets. Cinnamon is not my thing, and cinnamon hearts will make my face scour into an ungodly look. If you give me a stuffed animal, I will call 9-1-1 to have you admitted to the psych ward. Feel like serenading me outside my place of work? I’ll pretend I don’t know you. Bought me jewellery? Every girl loves jewellery, but I’m the girl who loses the expensive pieces (most recently demonstrated through toliet flush of my pearl earring).  I love flowers, but give me carnations, and I’ll question how your mother raised you.

The key to my heart. A simple card. On any day except Valentine’s Day.

With all my heart I hope that you feel both loved and blessed. ❤


  1. Megz February 13, 2011

    That’s a honestly sweet and fresh post!! I like what you wrote!! I am going to follow your feed!!

    Hope you have fun… whatever way you most enjoy!!


  2. Shannon February 13, 2011

    I can promise you that I am in a *really* committed relationship, and I will not get Coach handbags, Tiffany diamonds OR Victoria’s Secret lingerie!!
    But instead, I get a guy who works three jobs so I don’t have to work at all, makes my kids’ lunch everyday, does the grocery shopping and does everything in his power to make sure I am taken care of everyday. Not just on Valentine’s Day.

  3. jenn February 14, 2011

    ahhh i love this Jill!!! Thanks for writing this, I really did need to hear this perspective this morning!


  4. Michelle February 14, 2011

    You are way too cute :)

  5. Dan February 15, 2011

    I especially loved the $$ comparison to iPads. Puts things into perspective lol. Great read!

  6. Marley February 15, 2011

    The BF and I happen to have our anniversary and valentine’s fall on the same day, so we celebrated together with quality time– going out for dinner– which wasn’t anything out of the ordinary as we love dining out once a week or so. We got each other nice cards, and he got me a book! Simple, thoughtful, and I love it.

  7. Emma February 15, 2011

    You say you love love, but hate valentine’s day, which is a day solely based on celebrating love. Clearly, valentine’s day is a hallmark holiday, which can almost be comparable to Christmas, Halloween, maybe even mother’s day? I mean, shouldn’t you be showing your mother how amazing she is everyday? Just like you say about Vday, shouldn’t one show their significant other love everyday? But frankly, this doesn’t happen everyday. I’m certainly guilty of not showing someone how much I care about them everyday because I get wrapped up in things that are happening in my life. 
    I think, like every holiday, it just is what it is to the person celebrating it. I take Vday when I’m single as a day to have fun with my single friends, and when I’m dating someone it’s a day I can spend with them doing something special. 
    The fact is, life sweeps us away in variable directions, and days that can bring us back and remind us solely to show appreciation and love to those around us doesn’t sound evil. It sounds necessary. 

  8. Chelsea May 24, 2011

    I’m stalking your blog and reading your old posts…and I absolutely love this!! Couldn’t agree more.

  9. Jillian Walker August 8, 2011

    Love stalkers. <3

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  11. […] tell people what I think… and sometimes it ends in a heated debate. For example: last year I blogged on why I think Valentine’s Day is stupid and I had a load of “crazy women” […]

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