Third Race Complete!

Just as we finish a race, it seems like the next one is already here!

This morning was the Vancouver Sun Run — also known as, the day that 48,000+ people get together in downtown Vancouver and try to run at the same time. :) The Sun Run is Canada’s largest 10K road race and the 2nd largest timed 10K in the WORLD!

There were a lot of people. 

A lot.

At the same time, the Sun Run crew has been doing this for years, so they truly are a well oiled machine. Case in point, the start line map.

Haley and I anticipated finishing in 1:00 to 1:15, so we were giving the color WHITE. The race started at 9am, so we headed down to Howe & Georgia around 8:30am. Little did we know… it actually takes quite some this many people moving! I think we finally started running right around 9:40am.

Oh yes — the potties? Nightmare.

Pee before you leave your house — always.

This was the largest race Haley and I have ever done. This was the first time we had done a timed 10K. It was exciting — and overwhelming. The crowds were frustrating. Walkers were supposed to stay on the right — they didn’t quite get that. People would stop right in front of you and not even think to see if someone was coming behind them. People didn’t shoulder check. The usual — I think. Between 7 and 8k, I tangled up my feet with another guy {a babe of a 45 year old if I do say so myself} and thank gosh he grabbed me before I plummeted to the cement. We smiled at each other and continued on our way.

The worst part of the race was the climb up the hill as we made our way to the Burrard Bridge. As we progressed from 5-9k, the crowds thinned out. Perhaps because we had speedy feet! I felt rather blah throughout the entire race. I was just moving and trying not to side swipe anyone. Once I saw the 9k sign, I took the sidewalk of the Cambie Bridge and motored to the finish line.

First 10K race and a time of 1:04:32.

Not too shabby.

If you raced today, the results are posted here {took me awhile to find them!}. 

It was Haley’s first practice/real 10K and I’m super amped that she hit the distance and felt amazing! We got separated shortly after 5K but both crossed the line within a few minutes of each other. BC Place and the finish line were absolute madness, so we peaced out and headed to Yaletown for a smoothie. We came back for showers, made brunch — and before you know it we were back to our regular day.

We’ve definitely learned quite a bit about running, our bodies and what we are capable of in the last 3 months. When I set this goal, I thought — HA. You can do it, but you won’t enjoy it. It seemed like an impossible challenge and I imagined the Paramedics picking me off the cement at every race post-5K. :) A few months later… I can run, breathe, enjoy the hobby/sport/activity and have ok form {probably need to work on the latter}.

Our next race is 2 weeks from today. We’re running the Times Colonist 10K in Victoria. We’ve been told by my Aunt that the route is a-ok, so fingers crossed we beat or match our time and have a fab race!

This week we’ll both be on the search for new runners. I’m likely going to buy the pretty pair and Haley will buy the logical pair.

Congrats to Kayla, Anja, Teang, Shea, Alex and Shawn for the efforts put in at the Sun Run today too! Well done everyone!

PS – 5am club starts tomorrow. Lordy loo.


  1. Pippa Martin-St. Onge April 15, 2012

    Gosh you are amazing.

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