the work environment of 2040

i don’t think i had posted about the success… can’t remember, so i apologize if this is a duplicate.  i have been competing in Focus 2040, a national business competition for full-time students organized by mcmaster university.  anyways i heard a few weeks back that my first submission (see a few posts back) made it to top 25!  i was asked to participate in phase 2, where i needed to explain what the work environment will look like in 2040.  it was a rushed submission, as reading week (i.e. hawaii) fell during the deadline, but final product still looked ok. only rule was 1500 words. mine ended up being 6 pages and i used iPages to make it look awesome again.  ended up being submitted with a few grammatical/sentence structure issues, but c’est la vie. i’m honestly lucky i made it in by the deadline – full-time work & full-time uni has been killing me as of late.  i will find out on march 6th, if i’ve made it to top 10.  if so, i’ll be competing in toronto on march 23rd to explain the work systems of 2040.  starting to think that the grand prize, a paid internship in paris…. would be pretty damn sweet.


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