the start of my 26th year

14 hours, 81 Facebook notifications, 13 tweet backs, mass text messages, a few flower deliveries, and a ridiculous amount of attention later… my day is on the downswing.

Currently sitting in class wishing I was outside enjoying the sunshine.  Unlucky for most of Calgary, the sunshine has been rarely blessing us with its presence. It’s been a high’s and low’s kind of week – not a bad week, just a lot to think about… and when I think, I blog… that’s just what happens!  We’ll keep this one on a positive note… Today, June 2, 2010, is my birthday! 26 years ago I was born! Oh by the way, yes, I am a nerd and have been saving my 5000th tweet for this exact blog post :P.

So a bit of reflection… My 25th year was a mixed one. I had the best birthday party of my life last June, a bit of a bumpy summer relationship-wise, and started on my journey to career/personal development success.  I will never forget the 10 days spent with WorldSkills Australia, nor the trip to Tunisia, Africa, for the JCI World Congress, amazing memories from both. I had a lot of stress in my life and although successful – and often happy – I wasn’t entirely fulfilled. I pushed myself to the absolute limit, testing myself on what I could achieve. Yes, I pulled through… for anyone who knows me, you know I usually do.  Last year taught me a ton, too much to even go into in a reasonable amount of words. None of this is very important though – what is? I grew as a young woman and made it through another year.

Everyone has been telling me that life gets better as you age.  I’ve been thinking, well life hasn’t been that bad? Right? Do I really want to be the old age (ha ha) of 26? Ugh… really? Do I have to? Don’t I want to be a 19 year old bar star anymore? Well today… FINALLY… my mentality shifted. I want bigger and badder… BIGGER AND BADDER!  I am going to work towards everything I have my heart set on – whether that be meaningful relationships, personal fulfillment, an excellent bill of health, work success, or emotional stability – while maintaing balance. Yes, balance. :) I feel my 26th year deserves that much.

This morning I received a text message that said this:

“Happy Birthday Jill! The sun is shining for a beautiful person on a beautiful day. Congratulations on all you achieved while being 25! You are an inspiration in my life and the lives of many others… may [age] 26 let you continue to shine for all the world to see! xoxo”

A bright light sent this to me and it caught me completely off guard. I like surprises… I truly do (by the way, if you don’t know already… I am totally brutal at keeping surprises a secret – but I’m working on it!).  Surprises excite people  and they keep relationships healthy.  Multiple times today I had butterflies… I know… I was excited.  Excited to be starting a new chapter in my life and being continually caught off guard by spectacular people being beyond thoughtful.  The last few years I have enjoyed my birthday and have looked forward to the day. I take the day as an opportunity to reflect, reconnect with fabulous people, and make positive change. This year has been absolutely no different.  Yes people fret about age… I get that. But don’t worry about your birthday itself, enjoy it and embrace it.

To everyone who has wished me a happy birthday and shared in the birthday love – thank you. I appreciate all of you and I’m blessed to have you in my life. I know I say that often… but it’s 100% true and needs to be continually reinforced. ❤

I will conclude with this… at the start of the year, I had had said that a priority of mine would be to create moments that make others smile.  Oh don’t shake your head and tell me I’m lame… it was the truly the fluffiest part of my goal setting, but I felt it was important. :) It’s important to make a difference on your life and the lives of others.  Whatever you do… please bring joy to yourself and others.  Make others smile.  Be excited about your life.  Be genuine… always… and share love with others.

There are a whole hell of a lot of people brightening my life these days. I only hope you are blessed with the same.

As always, with much love, me. XO


  1. Sarah June 3, 2010

    Happy Birthday (again)! We’re now the same age, until December, and I am also trying to make people smile.

    More specifically, I am trying to “live life in such a way that inspires others to make changes for the better in their own lives.”

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