the generation of the future

recently, i was presented with the opportunity to participate in a university business competition called “Focus 2040”. competition is interesting… for phase 1, each candidate had to create a 750 word submission on what the workforce of 2040 will look like. no real requirements other than to utilize creativity. i think everyone had a month or so to complete the assignment, but i (of course) left mine to the last second… and i mean, last second!  i had been debating if i should participate, as my life is totally maxed right now and is this really a priority?  well the prize is an internship in paris with a HR firm… hmmm… i couldn’t turn it down. attached is 2 (out of 3 pages) of my submission. page 3 is just the work schedule of lecia and referencing. mac computers sure make a candidate look good!! :D so the judges will be reviewing the submissions this week and they will select top 25.  top 25 compete in phase 2 – which is writing on what the work environment will look like.  deadline is february 23rd, and then top 10 move to describing work systems, in person, in toronto, in march. wooohoo. cool competition, should be interesting to see what happens. even if i make top 25, i’ll be more than happy. 

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