the final few

As many of you know… I no showed on my going away party. See transparent sob story here. Sigh. [Moving forward… :)]

On my last Saturday in Calgary, I went to one of my favourite places with 4 of my girlfriends. Taste Restaurant ( is absolutely divine. I am continually wow’d by the service, staff and menu. For the ‘last dinner’ we enjoyed mac n’ cheese, tomato salad, gnocchi, limited edition vegan items and to-die-for pretzel bits. You heard me… to-die-for. Thank you to Brandon, Bill and the girls for making the night most memorable.


Sunday was filled with packing. It ended up being a stressful day and evening, as although I sold most of the things I owned… I still had a ton of stuff to move. Michelle and I packed the car to the brim and all that would be left in Calgary was 3 boxes (to be dealt with at a later time).


Our journey began around 7am. The car was so full, Michelle couldn’t see out the back and I had to be the rearview mirror. Once we were in the mountains, the rain started. It poured and poured and poured. Thankfully the weather cleared up once we entered the Okanagan and made for a pleasant last leg of the trip.









It was a long drive… but on a positive note, we made it without killing each other (12 hours, 2 Type A’s). ;)

Once we arrived, we picked up the keys to my condo and unpacked the car. Super productive considering we had already had a long day! It was a beautiful night in Vancouver, so we enjoyed Mexican food on a quaint little patio.

The next chapter has officially begun.

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