Thank You, 2015

Screenshot 2016-04-12 18.37.202015. It wasn’t good, nor bad, it was just… life.

Some of our highlights…

  • We merged 2 homes into 1 ❤️
  • We spent 10 days on Maui 🌴 — snorkelling at Molokini, our first helicopter ride and sunrise at Haleakala were all incredible!
  • Elliot completed his 1st Ironman and set a course record for the swim! 💪🏼
  • We crossed 10 finish lines 😱
  • We grew our own garden (kale, carrots, beets, onions and so much more!)
  • I swam across Kits Pool for the 1st time! 🏊🏼
  • I became more comfortable on my bike! 🚴🏻
  • We spent many weekends on Salt Spring with Grandpa Bob ❤️
  • I hugged Melissa in the UK 👭
  • We went on an epic RV road trip 🚐 through the Yukon & Alaska — hiking at Tombstone Territorial Park was unreal 🙌🏼 
  • I fell in love with The Social Yoga (cookbook club and farmers market yoga were my faves!)
  • We snowshoe’d up Seymour, Cypress & Grouse ❄️
  • We’re ending the year in one of our favourite places on the Sunshine Coast — rest, relaxation, sunshine & nature 🌲#soulrecovery

Grateful for life, love and everything we learned this year. Cheers to YOU, this past year and the next one too. 

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