Talent Lab – Candidate Experience Matters

Last month I went to a “Talent Lab” event (my first HR/recruiting event in an eternity) and was beyond impressed by the commentary and the crowd. The group was honest, refreshing and most of all, REAL.

Last week, the founders of Talent Lab, Tess Sloane and Alisha Adams asked me to write a post (#flattered!) and today it’s live!

Give it a read: Candidate Experience Matters

Being a candidate is hard.

You find a role. You get jazzed up. You spend a couple of hours perfecting your resume. You press submit. And you never hear back.

It’s no wonder people hate recruiters.

If you’re interested in attending a future Talent Lab event, check out their Twitter or Instagram account in the New Year! Another event is coming to Vancouver in early 2016!

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