Summer in the City

This week I vowed to myself that I would start having more fun. Seems pretty bat shit cray to say that out loud, but I often keep myself focused on “achieving” — must improve, must do more, must accomplish. I know that what I truly need is a little less of that. Truth bomb.

Every moment of every day I feel blessed to live in Vancouver. I truly love it here.

Summer is here… it’s time to beach and eat and sun and laugh — and experience a little bit of everything. I’ve scoured the interwebz and found the best of the best in this beautiful city:

Farmers Markets

  • Every Wednesday: Main Street
  • Every Saturday: Trout Lake & West End
  • Every Sunday: Kitsilano

Night Markets



Outdoor Movies


Let the games begin.

Countdown till Oahu

Wanderlust Oahu
Friday, March 1
Saturday, March 2
Sunday, March 3

10 days of sunshine. 3 days filled to the brim with yoga, music and surf.

T-2 weeks. Eeep!!

30 Day Yoga Challenge

30 Day Challenge at Yaletown YYOGA

The end of August means the end of YYOGA’s 30 day challenge! I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought this was a good idea a month ago — oh wait, I know what I was thinking… “Hey you know how you have 922592058025 things on the go right now, why don’t you pick up another?” Yay! :/

So anyways, I committed to the 30 day challenge for the last month of summer. Yep, a busy fricking month. Life has been chaotic. Days have been spent with clients. Nights and weekends have been packed with way too much fun. I ran my first half marathon and since it finished, I’m training for my next. Beach. Sun. Friends. Run. Work. Weekend away. Friends. Run. Sun. Work. Work. Work. Run. Sun. Run. Work. Sun. Friends. Run.


It ended up at the bottom of the list. As per my update at the 20 day mark, I got off to a great start! 3 classes in one day! Never thought that was possible. Since then though…

  • August 1 – Core with Aili, Yoga Barre with Alex, Power with Clara
  • August 2 – Power with Aili
  • August 3 – Power  with Clara
  • August 6 – Power with Troy
  • August 8 – Power with Troy
  • August 11 – … first half marathon! 
  • August 15 – Power with Troy
  • August 20 – Power with Troy
  • August 24 – Power with Yeva, Yin with Troy

… bringing this 30 day challenge to a total of 11 classes! Woohoo and lame all at the same time.

I had intended to finish my last week with a bang — full on yoga, all week long. Instead I went to LIVE at Squamish with Miss Katie, ended up having a little too much fun — and killed a few days recovering. Hello pizza. Hello Bachelor Pad. I went from hangover central, straight into a bout of the flu.

Body was trying to tell me something I think… :)

The positives… I have never done 11 yoga classes in one month, so I think that’s a win. I also did enough classes so that the pass paid for itself, another win. I tried out a few new teachers and types of yoga… win win. I’m more flexible. I’m stronger. I feel like I’m more connected with my breath. I now know how to set myself up for success before getting to yoga — hello water, hello eat something. Win win win win.

The only negative is that I’m guilty of overcommitting once again. {When will I learn…!}.

So what’s next?

I know that yoga is good for my soul.

Not in a fluffy, I so need to lay on the floor, space out and think about nothing. {I hate that part.}

Rather I know that yoga can support my mission in becoming stronger — both mentally and physically. Yoga has already made a difference to my training and I can only imagine that will get better if I keep it up. I feel way more centred on my breath when I run and my body awareness  has increased ten fold.

I am very motivated by progress — and in a short 30 days I have already seen myself and my body moving forward. I like the routine of yoga… figuring out what classes I will go to this week, getting excited about a teacher and having a hot shower after some sweat time on the mat. My heart feels full when I know I’ve had a good class {sometimes your head just isn’t in the game} and it sets my day/eve up for success.

Just like an evening run, a late night yoga class helps me sleep like a baby. I feel calmer and more balanced.

Tomorrow Katie and I are off to Power in the morning and Yin at night. And tomorrow I will buy an annual yoga membership… like whoa. {Need to do one class a week in order for it to be worth it — I think twice a week is probably achievable.}

Shoulder Stand – August 2012

I know that me and yoga aren’t done. We have work to do!

I need to continue to work on my breath. It will no doubt keep me more sane {which is good for me — and everybody}. I want to rock out my running goals. Yoga will help me be a lean, mean machine! I really want to strengthen {and commit to} my spine. My Scoliosis will thank me over and over again. I’m determined to get better at shoulder stands, inversions and crow. I also need to figure out what limitations my rods will create for me as the poses become more advanced — if anyone knows, hook me up!

I’m officially in a relationship with you, body. 

PS – Oh and by the way, today I bought a skipping rope. Flash back to grade 5. Can’t wait to incorporate it into training!

20 Days In

Today is day 20 of YYOGA’s 30 day yoga challenge. Aye.

I counted my stars on the wall at YYOGA Yaletown tonight — and I *think* I have done 12 classes this month. I started off with a great first week {that’s always the way it goes}… and went to at least a class a day. The first day I did 3 classes in one day! Since then we’ve derailed a bit. I let the half marathon and life get in the way.

The biggest tip I can offer for a 30 day challenge is — make it a priority. Book time in your calendar if you need to. Focus on — and look forward to getting to your mat. Drop your 5 events a week. Drop your 3-4 runs a week. And for 30 days, give your studio {and body} your life.

Tonight I got back on track with a late Power Yoga class. I looked forward to it all day {that rarely happens}. And what do you know — I feel pretty amazing right now. Sweat my heart out. Breathed like a baby. Pushed my limits — I can do some sort of shoulder stand / prayer combo / thing now!

Some huge positives since starting this challenge:

  • Finally met Alex Mazerolle and attended her Yoga Barre class {think yoga meets pilates meets 80s fitness} at Chopra Yoga
  • Found a yoga routine with Katie S. on Monday/Wednesday nights
  • Explored different types of yoga I wouldn’t normally do — still need to make it to Yin though!
  • Met some incredible teachers, including Clara Roberts-Oss, Troy Turi and Katherine Moore
  • Learned to really appreciate my strength

If I come out of this challenge having completed more classes than I would normally complete — then awesome. If I’m stronger and more flexible — even more awesome. I won’t get to it this month… but I need to work towards just being me in class. I am very focused in class — just not on the right thing. I try and get the posture just right. When I can’t get the posture right, I get frustrated. I try and see how straight I can get my crooked body to go, comparing myself to the yoga gods in the class. Damn those yoga gods. I focus on everything except myself and my breath.

I need to just — be. 

Troy continually reinforces yoga isn’t about getting the posture just right. Yoga is about checking your personality at the door, finding your breath and being you.

That’s the goal.

I imagine it’ll take me long past the end of the month to get there. :) As long as you’re making progress, it’s all good right?

10 days to go.

PS – Seeing as how it’s #MusicMonday in the Twittersphere, a beauty of a song by Ben Howard. He’s also headed to Vancouver to play at the Commodore on October 3rd.