Reset Me, Juice Men!

My home girl, Devon Brooks, introduced me to The Juice Truck {and then The Juice Cleanse} forever ago. Zach and Ryan are the two lads behind both concepts — and Devon is their mentor through the Canadian Youth Business Foundation.

Anyways, The Juice Truck is amazing. They have a food truck-esque setup in Gastown and fill locals bellies full of goodness every day! The Strawberry Coconut and Blueberry Matcha smoothies are divine!

A few months ago The Juice Truck launched The Juice Cleanse. I have always been somewhat skeptical of juice cleanses {or any cleanses, really} — it just hasn’t been my thing. I kinda put cleanses in the same world as ‘lemon water’ and ‘cayenne’ diets. ;)

With that said, I have learned a lot about healthy eating and my body this year. The raw food course that I took with Joanne at The Healing Cuisine in Costa Rica totally changed my life. I began to explore all sorts of different foods and I’m becoming more and more skilled in the kitchen!! Housewife skillz up in here!

Now, I pay attention to labels — I want to know what’s going in my body. I aim to shop local and spend time at the farmer’s market. I’m on my way to cutting out dairy and wheat. I make a conscious effort to include super foods in my diet — whether that be avocados, blueberries, quinoa, kale, walnuts or chia seeds! Yes my idea of a good time is still brie, a baguette and a glass of red wine. ;)

Couple these diet changes with running and — whoa, this is the year of healthy mind, healthy body!

I’ve realized it’s time. Time for me to become one with the le juice.

Time for me to press reset and detox the body.

It’s all going down this Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Stay tuned!