What do YOU want out of life?

This weekend is Wanderlust — a yoga, music, heart-filled festival taking place in Whistler. I had been debating attending, but honestly, summer has been full on and it was stressing me to commit to another event.

Thankfully Lululemon used Ustream to live stream a seminar with Susanne Conrad! Susanne is the Director of Possibility on the Lulu team and had a plan to inspire the crew!

I tuned into the session and learned a lot about creating the future you want to live. At one point we were challenged to complete an exercise where we would determine what we want in our life and what we don’t.

From my desk in downtown Vancouver, I took part. I went with my gut and ended up with this:

At my core, I want to be able to give. Give with all my heart. ❤

Very rewarding exercise; thank you to Susanne and the team at Lululemon for including those offsite in the event!