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Tips & Tricks – Maui

Updated April 2016: We just got back from our 2nd trip to Maui and discovered some more gems!  Last year we went to Maui for the first time - and pretty much fell in love. It's totally paradise, folks. <insert 75 million heart emojis here>. Since then we've received a ton of questions from friends, family and random strangers about wha[...]

3 Weeks, 3 Plane Tickets

Buying a plane ticket on a whim? Over and over again, that's what I do. Hell, it's how I ended up in Belize, Costa Rica, New York and Hawaii. In the last 3 weeks, I've bought 3 plane tickets. Oh me, oh my. London, UK - December 2013 I spent about 24 hours debating if I should go to London for Christmas. My bestest of best friends, Melissa, lives ther[...]

The 3 R’s

Last week I went on one of those types of breaks where you need to find your sanity and start over again. Ever been on one? I go on them every now and again... This one was pretty major though, as I'd been putting it off for about oh, say, 8 months. You know what happens when you put off shit? It blows up in your face and you wish you had dealt with i[...]