You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

A few years back I was involved with a real beauty Campaign by Dove Canada. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the work Dove has been doing in regards to body image, self-esteem and perception — and also had the privilege of working with 10+ beautiful women from across the country who are role models for myself and many.

This afternoon a few girls from the #RunCrew posted this video from Dove on Facebook:

A powerful message to the community, a must watch for women {and men} and an exceptional well done by Dove.

I thought to myself – would I be as harsh on myself as these women were – yes, I believe I would.

My biggest cheerleader is a friend named Jen. She’s a high achieving corporate dynamo, exceptional public speaker, mom to the cutest kids in town, a beautiful force to be reckoned with and someone who gives with her whole heart. The two things I admire the most about her:

  1. She is completely transparent that she is always evolving – always growing – always learning. She’s not perfect and she doesn’t expect anyone else to be.
  2. She is every girls biggest champion. She is an advocate for women, a role model in the community and continually voices her on gender rights and equality.

Jen is always telling me to give myself a high five — and most importantly, be ok with where I’m at. I look at her like she’s crazy, respond to her texts with a ‘uh huh’ and at the end of the day — know she is right. I’m hard on myself and I know it.

Body image and self-esteem is a complicated one. Family, friends, the situations we’ve been through in life — all contribute to how we define ourselves. Our perception is shaped from our past — both good and bad. I admire campaigns like this one because they draw light on a real big problem that is taking place in our homes, schools and communities. I believe that negative body image is a disease and that education {and speaking up} is the way we will bring positivity and confidence back into women’s lives.

4% of women in the world consider themselves beautiful.

Proof that we’re too critical on ourselves. Proof that we’re battling insecurities. Proof that we’re getting caught up in negativity.

Change doesn’t happen overnight — but it does over time. 

You’re not defined by your looks, you’re defined by your actions. The negativity, the hate, the criticism… let it all go.

Not because I told you to, because Jen told you to. She wouldn’t want anything less.