Colour Me Rad

Another race, another weekend! Color Me Rad is a fun 5K that hit the city of Vancouver this morning. Haley had been organizing a team with JCI Vancouver — and it was set to be the most fun run of the year.

Before we got RAD.

Kittima and I headed out to UBC Thunderbird Stadium to meet the crew and we were swarmed with tons of people in white! The concept? Dress like an angel and get attacked with colour at every kilometre. By the end of the race, you’ll look like a pack of skittles and will have dominated 5k to start your weekend.

Sounds like fun eh?

I knew that this race wasn’t going to be a personal best. ;) The goal was full on colour! And to get that colour… you had to run slow through the colour areas, twirl, grab more cornstarch-filled powder out of the boxes — and laugh along the way!

We quickly lost track of our team and I ended up running with Kate and Meridith. Let me tell you — the time went by fast, because we had something to look forward to at each kilometre. Not only did they throw powdered colour on you, they also sprayed you down with liquid colour. I got a major spray of yellow in my face at 3k.

The more colour, the more fun right?

Anyways the race was a blast. It wasn’t a timed event — but of course I set my Nike+ GPS… gotta keep track of this progress! I forgot to turn it off as we crossed the finish line, but we finished somewhere right under 30 minutes. We were covered in colour and looked like smurfs. Once everyone had finished, the Color Me Rad crew got everyone together for a colour bomb. We threw colour up into the air and it created quite a show. To check out a picture of the colour bomb, click here.

Thanks to everyone who came out. I’ve had two showers and my feet are still blue. Hope you’ve had a bit better luck with colour removal! ;)

Me post-race. Photo Taken by the lovely Kate Wienburg.

Deep Breath… Half Marathon Complete!

In June I blogged about my running journey — and my decision to not run my first half. Shock. Awe. I remember how sad I was… totally distraught.

I spent every week from June to August in physio and massage. It took us ages to figure out what was going on with my adductor and finally we did! Surprise surprise… my Scoliosis is to blame. :) Rotation through my torso is causing a whole bunch of issues and it’s going to take us time to figure it all out. In the meantime, taping has cured all!

My half-marathon ‘re-do’ was booked for this weekend — Lululemon’s Seawheeze. It’s been such a warm fuzzy few days… Lululemon knows how to put on quite the show.

Friday started bright and early. Katie D. and I headed off the Seawheeze Showcase store to see if we could find some loot. We weren’t the only ones… it was absolute chaos. Girls hoarding clothes, fighting over clothes — perhaps to be expected, this is Lululemon after all! ;) I stood in line for a very long time to pay, but ended up with the white polka dot run jacket, coral striped luon racerback, the coral run inspire crop and a few accessories!

I spent the afternoon volunteering at race packages. My job was to get the runners checked in, give them their packages and explain how the weekend was going to go down. It was nice to meet so many people were completing their first half. Everyone was genuinely excited that they were going to be running with Lululemon cheering them on! The day was action packed with seminars, manicures, massages and more.

For whatever reason, I was totally calm the night before the race. Over the last 7 months, Haley and I have been extremely militant with our pre-race activities. We drink water until we pee clear {hydrate baby hydrate}, we pick out our race outfits in advance, we make delicious pre-race carb-filled dinners, we sleep well, we’re organized… we do everything possible to ensure a successful race. I didn’t do anything I was supposed to do before this half marathon. Kittima and I went for french fries {it was a long week}. We had a 10:30pm dinner. I barely drank 1 litre of water. I slept 4 or 5 hours. I didn’t make a music playlist. I wore a new outfit, one I’d never run in before! The only consistent was my shoes and my mind.

I knew I could do it. 

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier

The morning came and the calm continued. I put on my new Seawheeze luon tank and white polka dot shorts and it was game time. I had continually told myself it was just about finishing, I just had to finish. Forget about your time and just finish strong.

Kittima and I walked down to Canada Place to check our gear. Everyone was so colourful and decked out in their best Lululemon duds. Reagan and I had planned to run together, so we met up and headed to our corral. Although it was just about finishing… :) … we knew we would be around 2:15.

Before you knew it, we were off! Reagan and I both agreed that we wanted to enjoy the race. We went with the flow for the first 8-9k. Soon enough we checked the time and realized we were running too fast for a half. We hit personal bests for 1K (4:12), 1 mile (7:23) and 5K (27:07) — oopsie daisy. I’m not sure our official 10k time as I messed up my Nike+GPS app when I stopped to go pee, but we figure it was around 55 mins. That would be faster than we usually run a 10k race. ;) So much for taking our time!

We slowed down once we left Kits and headed back over the Burrard Bridge. A few hills to battle and the heat was killer. The crowds didn’t really thin out that much and we ran with a large crew along English Bay and into Stanley Park. Lululemon had organized a few cheer stations and they were super spectacular. I knew a few people who were going to be looking out for us — but the cheer stations were so insane, I didn’t once spot someone we knew!

I felt pretty amazing going into 14k and only had to deal with one cramp. Reagan and I ran really well together — both keeping each other motivated. The shade of the Stanley Park seawall was a nice break from the heat. We didn’t start to fade until about 19k. My ankles started to bother me and soon enough, we were just ready to be done. My Nike+GPS app had said that the distance markers were a bit off from the beginning, so at 20K, it said we’d already dominated almost 22K — with no walk breaks. Cray!

Regan and I separated in the final kilometre. I was on power-hour-lets-do-this and Regan was on my-sugar-levels-are-dropping-please-kill-me-now. :) We finished about 45 seconds apart with an official time of 2:22 and a half marathon under our belt! We were given our finishers medals and we headed off to meet Chris for high fives. I think that we were both a bit delirious, we just kept on talking about how we wanted to sit down. A bottle of water and running shoes off, we felt like a million bucks.

We just ran a half marathon after all. 

We headed off to the runners brunch, which was the fanciest post-race breakfast I’ve ever seen. Waffles with blueberries, quiche, fruit kabobs and more! We soaked up the sunshine and celebrated our success. Finally — a half marathon! Reagan and I headed back to my place for an afternoon at the pool. Starbucks, sunshine, bikinis and good tunes filled our afternoon. We made our own cold/hot immersion baths by alternating between the pool and hot tub too.

Lululemon had planned an entire weekend of fun — so late in the afternoon I headed back to Canada Place for Hey Ocean and FUN — yep, an outdoor concert for all the runners. Katie S. and I ended up meeting with Michelle & Kevin to enjoy the concert — and then ended up drinking our hearts out at the Keefer until the wee hours. Oopsie daisy.

No surprise, this morning I have a bit of a headache. :) I’m booked for reflexology today and the spa tomorrow. Not because I need it, moreso as a well deserved treat. Yesterday was my longest distance and I’m not sore one bit. No injuries. No issues. Funny how life works out. I’m glad that I didn’t push myself any harder — but now I know that I can.

In 7 months I have:

  • Ran: 351.9km
  • Completed: 48 runs
  • Raced: 9 times
  • Burned: 18,879 calories {at least!}
Achieved personal bests:
  • 1K: 4:12 {Seawheeze!}
  • 1 mile: 7:23 {Seawheeze!}
  • 5K: 27:07 {Seawheeze!}
  • 8K: 47:49
  • 10K: 58:41
  • 15K: 1:35:10
  • 23K: 2:20:17

And you know what… that’s pretty fucking crazy.

What’s next?

I have a few 5K and 10K races I’m registered in this fall — and I’ve decided to tackle another half marathon. I’m headed to Europe — Netherlands and Turkey in October. Coincidently Amsterdam’s Mizuno Half Marathon is taking place while I’m there! On October 21st, I’ll be dominating the fastest, flattest course in Europe — and hopefully with a personal best!

Thank you to everyone for all of the support this weekend and throughout the year. I have learned so much about myself, my body and my limits over the past few months. I’m the strongest — both mentally and physically — I’ve ever been.

Running has given me balance.

And for that I am grateful.

Extra little love note: Many have emailed me, messaged me, texted me… saying that my running journey as inspired them to start running, get back into running or keep on running. I’ve been fairly overwhelmed {and amazed} with the responses. I didn’t join a run club. I’m not a coach. I just started running. Yes, feet to pavement. Over and over and over again. It sucked for a very long time, but I just kept on making myself run farther. I kept on telling myself I had to beat my previous time. I just wanted to be better. Set an intention/goal, surround yourself with badass people to support you — and PUSH FORWARD.

I’ll leave you with this…

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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