Podcast Numero Two: Double the Fun

In April, a lovely young man by the name of Jeph Maystruck asked me to podcast it up with him. We talked about why I think HR sucks, short pants and the Real Housewives of Vancouver. It was a fun little time and my first intro to the world of podcasting!

Since then Jeph and I continually connect over marketing hot topics, the latest fashion trends and why he’s not being a very good long distance boyfriend. Kidding, kind of. {Jeph and I will marry if we’re both still single in 2064.}

I’ve been sick as hell for the past 2 weeks and on one of my days in bed, doing nothing, staring at the wall — I texted Jeph and said we needed to do another podcast. We agreed to connect over September long weekend to record a gem. Jeph and I are both Gemini’s — we share the same birthday! That must explain the instant chemistry! ;) Anyways, we talk — a lot. I think we ended up recording 90 mins, but thankfully Jeph cut that down to a reasonable amount for our listeners pleasure! Who are we joking… the only person that listens is my buddy Gavin!

So Gavin, we chopped it in half just for you. :)

The podcast is now live on Jeph’s blog… everything you ever wanted to know about Pinterest, 50 Shades of Grey, PretirementLisa Charleyboy, nightmares and surrounding yourself with people who lift you higher.

45 minutes of laughter, banter, swearing and a whole lot of opinion.


Our most scattered, all over the place podcast to date. If this continues {of course it will}, I really think Jeph should start giving me an agenda to keep on topic. :)

In review:

  • Stalk your girlfriend’s (or soon to be) Pinterest account
  • Don’t put up with idiots in your life
  • If you live in a bubble — at least be ok with it
  • Soak up (or skip) 50 Shades of Grey — either works!
  • Differentiate yourself from your peers
  • Don’t let nightmares turn you into a psycho case
  • Admit you’re not perfect
  • Figure out what you fear and what you need to feel whole

Oh yes — and laugh. All the time. It’s good for the soul.

To learn more about Jeph, check out his blog, stalk him on LinkedIn or give him a follow on Twitter!

This is the ‘Marketing Revolution’ west coast, fashion, marketing, HR, running and yoga Correspondent signing out. Until next time Mr. Maystruck. ‘Twas fun.

Podcasting with Jeph Maystruck

Live on Jeph Maystruck‘s blog… everything you ever wanted to know about talking too much, change in organizations, making your mark, why HR sucks, short pants, Real Housewives of Vancouver + more. Shout outs to COAST by GlowbalKPMGJCI VancouverKendal HaraznyGraeme DuckettSam Thiara and more.

Brace yourself.

46 mins via Podcast with Jeph.


And Jeph wrote a lovely little post to go with the Podcast:

Did you listen?


Now my voice is burned in your brain…!

You should probably listen again. :D

My first podcast experience was great! I was worried about what Jeph might ask, how I might sound, etc. Jeph calmed my fears and said he would edit anything out that sounded like crap. Unfortunately for me, he didn’t edit out all the swears. ;)

Anyways to learn more about Jeph, check out his blog, stalk him on LinkedIn or give him a follow on Twitter!

PS – Everyone forgets about LinkedIn recommendations. Recruiters look at (or for) them and quality ones are totally win! Wrote Jeph a recommendation… hopefully he doesn’t think it’s terrible.

“Jeph is the leading man behind the Marketing Revolution podcast. He asked me to participate in an upcoming episode and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Jeph is a breath of fresh air. He’s committed to changing the world of marketing and making the community think outside the box. He is  a relationship guy; working with clients to truly make a difference and have a positive impact on their bottom line. My experience with Jeph was professional, fun and easygoing. He was easy to relate to and go with the flow. I have no doubt that Jeph will be the #1 podcast in Regina.”

PPS – As much as I love Jeph, I also love a mover and shaker in Australia named Pete Williams. He has an awesome Podcast: PreneurCast — entrepreneurship meets marketing, business and productivity. A weekly dose of an Australian accent and brilliance most of the time too. ;)