international travel adventures part 9 – action packed

Busy day today… JCI Morning Show 9-10am, Creative Young Entrepreneur Award (CYEA) presentations 10:30am-12pm, delegates luncheon 12-1pm, seminar training 2pm-6pm, Award Ceremony 7-9pm, and Dutch Night 9pm-onwards.

The theme of today’s morning show was “Impact the Future.” The morning show featured a speaker (and JCI trainer), Per Stilling.

Per Stilling is a JCI Senator and has been an active JCI member since 1998.  Working within the training field for over 10 years, Per focuses on increasing the output of individuals, groups, and companies.  He has trained several thousand employees on four continents and 27 countries.  He currently serves as a partner of Momentum, a company specializing in training programs. Per holds an MS in Business from Oregon State University, USA, and an MBA from ESCP-EAP in Paris.

Per is also my favourite person from Norway – and someone I went head to head with in World Debating yesterday!  Excellent morning show (as per the usual) – and the last one of the week! At the morning show, I purchased one of the shirts JCI was selling (with proceeds being donated to the UN’s Nothing But Nets campaign – so cute and soooo me!).

Official JCI Nothing But Nets Shirt!

From the Morning Show I headed to the Creative Young Entrepreneur Award (CYEA) presentations. CYEA works similar to TOYP (as discussed in last post) and nations nominate who they think meets the criteria listed – no requirement to be a JCI member, just top entrepreneurs in their country etc etc.  The awards committee then selects the top 3 to attend Worlds.  The 2010 nominees are: Ricky Wong from Malaysia, Jo Neilsen from Belgium, and Bradley Smith from Australia.

I watched the three presentations, and (in my opinion) Brad did an absolute fantastic job.  The results… will be announced tonight at the Awards Ceremony!


2010 CYEA Nominees & Judges

From CYEA I headed for a quick bite before off to the tradeshow and then to Patrick Knight’s seminar “How to Turn an Idea into Reality”.  Patrick’s seminar description:

Learn to create your own opportunities for your career, in JCI, and in life.  Luck doesn’t put you in the right place at the right time.  You need to look for openings, create opportunities, and be ready to capitalize on them.  In this course, you will learn to spot divine connections that can help you achieve your goals. You will learn the secrets of proactive promotion, out-of-network analysis of ideas and positive decision making.  Don’t be lucky, be better!


Exercise at "Turning an Idea into a Reality"

It was a great session with lots of ideas generated on how to improve the future.  Marta and I made a quick dash out of training to head back to my hotel and do an outfit change before the Awards Ceremony.  Fingers were crossed because JCI Canada was in line for World Debating Champions in both English and French.

We made it back to the Awards Ceremony just in time, and got seated with the rest of the Canadian delegates.  One by one, amazing people were selected for local, national, and international awards.  Unfortunately Brad from Australia did not win CYEA; instead Jo from Belgium won.

And then… World Debating Championships were announced for French speaking… all fingers were crossed and WE WON!




And then…the results were announced for English speaking… and WE WON!


Weeeeeee! So delighted!  Since I had won an international award at last years World Congress in Tunisia, Africa, all of my JCI friends were hoping that I could secure another one next year.  Maybe next year we’ll get the flag in the right direction! ;) The hope is that I will now go to JCI World Congress 2011 in Brussels, Belgium to defend my title.

From the Awards Ceremony, I made a quick change in the bathroom with Marta, and we were off to celebrate at Dutch Night! JCI Netherlands and Belgium were hosting an event at Osaka’s Creative Centre – dancing and fun to be had with all delegates.

A few pics from Dutch Night:


Patrick from JCI Quebec and I at Dutch Night


Someone left their bunny ears in the bathroom. :(



Dutch Night. :D


From Dutch Night, Wanye, Asma, Ismail, and I went to Karaoke in Shinsaibashi…. till 6:30am. No pictures needed, but their is video evidence. :)