a little bit of green

I’ve always supported the alternative medicine way of thinking.  A few days before I left for Japan, I went for a massage at Embody Wellness Clinic in Calgary.  I met Dr. Michael Schmolke quite some time ago, so wanted to try out the clinic – and a fabulous young woman, named Darci Baillie.

Being diagnosed with Scoliosis over 10 years ago has meant an excessive commitment to alternative therapies, with a huge focus on massage therapy.

I used to have weekly appointments, but since the degree of “busy” in my life has gone up 14,000 notches (and I’ve been feeling great), I had forgotten about the importance of alternative therapy routine.

My massage with Darci was 90 minutes of fabulous.  She is very educated on the various facets of the body and quite realistic with incorporating alternative health into regular day-to-day life.  She also just wrote her traditional Chinese acupuncture exams and will find out results in December – so fingers crossed for her!

Darci suggested that I start taking liquid chlorophyll.  I immediately was like – why?! It sounds disgusting.

According to HealthGiants.com:

Chlorophyll is just similar to hemoglobin except for the central atom which is iron in hemoglobin while magnesium in chlorophyll. As blood is approximately 75% hemoglobin so when chlorophyll is ingested it is believed that it will perform the same function as hemoglobin.

Scientific benefits of liquid chlorophyll involve a boost in energy levels, restore and replenish the amount of red blood cells. This regeneration of a body is at a cellular and molecular level. Most prominent benefits include:

  • Fight against infection
  • Healing of wounds
  • Cleansing of a body
  • Foster immune, circulatory and digestive systems
  • Increase in the number of red blood cells
  • Increase oxygen utilization
  • Reduction in binding of carcinogens to DNA
  • Break calcium oxalate stones

So the question is … if you are consuming regular amount of leafy greens, do you need to take additional liquid chlorophyll? Apparently cooking destroys a lot of chlorophyll’s benefits (high five to raw foodie’s) and we our insides need chlorophyll!

At the end of the day, there seems to be no harm and all information out there claims to “replenish blood stream, aid muscle building, cleanse the body, and make you smell better.” :) Tomorrow starts day 1.  1 teaspoon in a glass of water twice daily. At the very least, I hope that this new addition to my diet cures the cold I am battling!