52 weeks in the kitchen

One thing I learned in 2012 is my way around the kitchen. I have always known the basics, but never cared enough – or spent the time learning about the vast amount of ingredients and spices that exist in the world! The focus this past year has been on clean eating.

Clean eating doesn’t mean eating carrots, broccoli and everything that tastes like cardboard. Instead it means focusing on whole, natural foods. Examples would be fruit, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates. The goal is to stay away from processed sugar, bad fats — and anything that is manmade. In simple, it means paying attention to what you put in your body and fueling with good eats.

Over the holidays I was chatting with a coworker about routine, healthy eating and learning to cook. Before you know it our baby was born — and by that, I mean my first 2013 goal — and a fun little project!

Introducing… 52 weeks in the kitchen

1 guy {his name is Alessandro}, 1 girl {that would be me}, 52 ingredients {check them out here}.

The plan is 1 recipe a week till the end of the year!

52 weeks in the kitchen


Over the last few months, I have really enjoyed my time in the kitchen. I love to experiment, cook for others — and plan meals for the week {ughhhh, how housewife of me}. It brings me some sort of weird peace — somewhat like running does… well except for when I drink wine and cook, that’s a different story. ;)

So anyways, 52 weeks begins now. First up, yams!