Spreading the love after a weekend filled with sweatspiration.

Check out these gems. You won’t regret it.

Steph Corker & Chrissy Fletcher

Steph & Chrissy have launched a new site, Mo’ Bettah Together. Super inspiring {check out the words they live by}. Keep your tabs on these dynamos as they gear up for Ironman Canada and then {obviously} a whole bunch of more awesome.

Gary Robbins

This weekend E & I were chatting about west coast adventures and Gary Robbins {local trail running monster} came top of mind. I had no idea, but in 2010, Gary raced {yes, raced} the West Coast Trail. He details the experience on his blog, but in summary, he’s an absolute beast and tackled 80 gnarly kilometers in 10 hours. Check out the 20 min video; well worth the watch.

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”  – Don Williams, Jr. 

Ride the Divide

One of my new ‘habits’ is falling asleep in movies. Yes… that girl. I’d like to think that sleep-deprived me getting some sleep is much more important than finishing a movie. Anyways… E is full of good finds and introduced me to Ride the Divide {available on Netflix!}. Ride the Divide is a documentary of the world’s toughest mountain bike race — from Banff, Canada to Mexico. 2,700 miles and 200,000 feet of climbing. Like, whoa. Although it took me 2 sittings to get through it {don’t blame the producer, blame my lack of sleep}, the athletes are absolutely awe-inspiring and the documentary is filled to the brim with beautiful scenery, sweat and a total dose of real life. Keep your eyes on Matthew Lee — the winner of Tour Divide and a total stud.

PS – The BMO Vancouver Marathon & Half Marathon took place today. Congrats to all of the finishers! Stacey and Sonja, you totally killed it!

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