Summer in the City

This week I vowed to myself that I would start having more fun. Seems pretty bat shit cray to say that out loud, but I often keep myself focused on “achieving” — must improve, must do more, must accomplish. I know that what I truly need is a little less of that. Truth bomb.

Every moment of every day I feel blessed to live in Vancouver. I truly love it here.

Summer is here… it’s time to beach and eat and sun and laugh — and experience a little bit of everything. I’ve scoured the interwebz and found the best of the best in this beautiful city:

Farmers Markets

  • Every Wednesday: Main Street
  • Every Saturday: Trout Lake & West End
  • Every Sunday: Kitsilano

Night Markets



Outdoor Movies


Let the games begin.


  1. Nikki June 27, 2013

    Oh my gosh I am so coming to watch the Breakfast Club – one of my favourite movies ever!

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