speaking up

Why do employees sit in a meeting without giving a single ounce of input?

Why do students enroll in classroom based learning and refuse to participate in discussion?

Why does your spouse hide what they’re thinking?

There are so many people in this world who are not speaking up.  Perhaps it is because they don’t care, it is not worth the effort, or they don’t see the benefit… but likely it is because they are afraid to speak their mind.

I have quite a few people in my life who just sit there, stand there, be there, or whatever – and say nothing.  They let people walk all over them.  They hold back from expressing what they are thinking.  I truly feel that people need to be more assertive.

Everyday people get in trouble for having an opinion.  But do you really want to be someone who doesn’t have one?  Isn’t your opinion worth the risk?  If you truly believe in what you have to say, speak up.  Yes someone might disagree with you or not like you – but who cares.  An opinion is your personal view and obviously everyone is going to differ on their beliefs and values.

We all deserve to have a voice.

Speak up when you’re uncomfortable.  Speak up when you’re thrilled or excited.  Speak up when you disagree with what’s presented to you.  Speak up because you have a right to.

“Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one’s ideas, to take a calculated risk – and to act.” – Andre Malraux

It’s time to get mad. It’s time to take a risk. It’s time to speak up. ❤


  1. Nicole Saxton August 5, 2010

    I agree Jill.

    I think some people don’t realise that speaking up is a right that we have in this country and that MANY other people in various parts of the world do not get this opportunity.

    If you have the right, people should use it! :)

  2. Troy Heibein August 5, 2010

    This is so true Jill!

    Your last quote really resonated with me. I know many people who are incredibly talented, capable and perhaps even brilliant but are never recognized as such because they don’t “speak up” and let it that internal genius make its way into the world.

    So here is a question: What can we do to do help push these people to a point where they willing express themselves? Anything?

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