sorry to disappoint

…but I will never ever be a “dancer.”

Last night I went on a stagette for my dear friend, Felicity.  I’ve only known her a year or so, but she is one of those people you meet and are instantly drawn to.  She is an absolutely brilliant young woman, such a catch.  Anyways, our girlfriend, Jenn, had planned the night out and had signed me up!

We went and pained pottery at UB The Artist in McKenzie Towne.  When’s the last time you painted ceramics?  I know… forever.  I must mention it, because it was such a great time.  A chance to show your artistic side, pretend that you are artistic, and enjoy laughs with the girls.  Little did we know, the laughs were just beginning.  Pole dancing and sensual floor work at Aradia Fitness was next on the agenda.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Jenn had won the Aradia Fitness package via the silent auction at Rethink Breast Cancer’s, Rethink Romp (held in Calgary last Fall).  Well the money was all going to a good cause right?  We must try this out?  Eeek.  Well never in a million years did I think my hips would circle and my pelvis would tilt as much as happened last night.  We started with some floor work, a lot of moves similar to yoga but quicker (to the beat of Top 40 music haha) and sensual.  Everything was about flipping your hair, the stare in your eyes, and how your body looked to the imaginary person in front of you.  We moved to the pole to “progress” our “talent” and it honestly was not as hard as it looked.  If you had upper body strength, the pole was easy.  Hoist yourself up, spin, whatever.  Your wish was the pole’s command?  Haha uh what? ;)  We learned how to walk… sensually… how to approach the pole… how to spin, twirl, dip… and work it.

So what did I learn?  Never in a million years would I do sensual bicycle leg movements to pick up or attract a man.  Never in a million years would I install a pole in my home.  Yes it was fun, we had some laughs.  But realistic, or even attractive in your day-to-day life?  I beg to differ.  I appreciate it as an art and exercise.  I understand that it can give women confidence and a love for their body.  If I was a guy, I would truly be indifferent.  There would be so many things I could list as “nice to have” over a portable pole.

This experience only confirmed the fact that I made the right decision by going to business school. ;)  Did you know that there are 10 levels of pole dancing in Canada?  Did you know that there is a “Miss Pole Dance Canada“?  Complete respect for these ladies, but…

This girl is no “dancer”.

So back to stagettes…. they range from a wild night out to your local bar to international travel.  In May 2010, my sister had her stagette in Las Vegas.  Specifically, the Bellagio penthouse.  The weekend consisted of 10+ girls in their early 20’s getting absolutely shattered and having the time of their life.  Unlikely that they will ever go back to Vegas again… Vegas has been done. :)  I’ve seen girls hit the beaches of Cancun and 7 days later, no one remembers what has happened, they leave it with a “what happened in Cancun, stays in Cancun.”  The idea of “one last hurrah” has never appealed to me.  Truly, madly, deeply… when I get married…  I would be more than content with a weekend at the spa, a visit to a winery, laughs, and love with the girls.  No over-the-top trips, inappropriate games, or random men completing the dare-of-the-day required. ❤

Last night was Stagette Part 1.  Today we head to Banff for Stagette Part 2.  On the agenda… breathtaking views, dinner, dancing, sleeping (maybe?) and hopefully a soak at the hot springs. To sum it up… a fabulous weekend away.

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