Singing in the Rain

Earlier this year I was invited to be involved with a music video for Dove Canada. I was whisked out east to meet 14 incredible women from across the country. It was a whirlwind few days… I had the opportunity to go for dinner with Yukari Peerless from Victoria, spend a day on an actual set (never thought that would happen!), learn dance moves from celeb choreographer “AJ” Jones and have my hair cut by the one and only Mark Townsend. We learned all about a new product Dove was introducing to the Canadian market — Dove Nourishing Oil Care with Nutri-Oils. We all looked smashingly on set, but more importantly I’ve been using the product since early spring and I love it. I am really particular on hair products (and even more so since I added length), but the Nourishing Oil Care line keeps my hair looking great!

About a month ago, Tara Hunt posted on social media that she randomly came across this article in Strategy Magazine. I have had it kept in my ‘tabs’ since then wanting to write a post about our day with Dove!

Take a look at the music video:

Dove will donate $100,000 to the Dove Self-Esteem Fund if they have 1 million views of the video by December 31, 2011. The Dove Self-Esteem Fund was created to change the way women and young girls perceive beauty. The fund is on a mission to change the way society and the next generation stereotypes their peers and themselves. I’m a big believer in youth education and challenging past norms — so I can’t not support. I love what Dove is doing in regards to girl education and beauty awareness in Canada.

Since the commercial, I have stayed in touch with Julia, Katia, Lisa, Tara and Yukari. Incredible changing-the-world women. They continually inspire those they touch and I feel blessed to call them friends.

Thank you to Dove for an fabulous experience.

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Note – Dove did not tell me to write this post. I just did. They put no expectation on us to promo their product or the experience. :)


  1. Nooruddin Jalal September 4, 2011

    I love rain too. Beautiful thoughts :)

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