Time and time again I’ve been stressed out over too many choices. What would life be like if it were — black or white?

Instead we have black, white and every colour under the moon.

Or in my specific situation… WordPress or Tumblr, free hosting vs. paid hosting, custom design or template design — and the list goes on.

My website has been down for many months because putting it back up was stressing me out. Well stress no longer! Today I’ve gone back to the basics.

Ta da! New blog (this is it, no link needed)!

Ta da! New biz website!

Easy breezy and simple.

PS – New headshots coming soon. I wish I still had bangs, but I definitely left them in 2011.


  1. Sue Dickie September 16, 2012

    Wow, looks great. Kinda miss the old one…but I have a hard time with change. Congratulations!

  2. nikki September 17, 2012

    Love it. Your blog and website looks amazing!

  3. Jo September 17, 2012

    I love the clean lines of your new website! The old website was darling, but this one is very cool!!

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