sea of anxiety

I’ve been trying to stay busy. Keep distracted. Immerse myself in life.

I’m now at a point where I can’t avoid this any longer.

I’m allowed to have weak moments right?

Not everyone’s perfect.  We’re all imperfectly perfect.

I’m trying to be strong.

They’ve said I’ll be fine.  They’ve said I’ll make it through.

Everyone is rooting for me.

It doesn’t matter what ‘they’ think, it matters what I think.  I need to believe that I will make it through.

I need to stop thinking about what ‘might’ happen.

I need to start thinking about everything that is in my control.  I need to stay positive.  I need to find strength.

Everyday I am learning.  I am truly blessed to have a support system full of love, laughs, and hugs.

It’s not just one day.  It’s not just any day.  Tomorrow will change me, that I can guarantee.

Soon enough, I will be at peace. Once again, I will see the light. With love. ❤


  1. Madi August 24, 2010

    One more HUG sent your way.
    Even when we’re “weak” – there is something strong about admitting our fears and moving forward anyway, right?

  2. aimtosucceed August 24, 2010

    Stay strong little lady.
    Looks like Madi beat me to it, ‘There is strength in tears’ being strong enough to let them out removes the power of your fears so that you can truly move on.

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