Runner’s High


What was once this….

Is now THAT plus THIS…

When I first set my running goals… I had full intentions that they would end on June 23rd when Haley and I completed the Half-Marathon in Seattle. Now that I’m running, I’m actually enjoying it. Haley and I have had a number of successful races and we’re continually achieving personal bests. We are making progress — and progress is motivating.

This weekend I volunteered at the BMO Marathon and Half-Marathon in Vancouver. I cheered on thousands of people as they crossed the finish line. I gave thumbs up, high fives and ran beside people to get them moving and push them to finish the last 200m.

Watching all these people of different sizes/shapes, age and degree of training gave me  hope that Haley and I will rock out the Half Marathon in June.

It’s only 21.1 km.

Only 10km x 2 (and a bit).

Only 2 (and a bit) hours of running.

Only 2 (and a bit) albums of good tunes.

Only Stanley Park (and a bit) twice.

It’s not 25km, 42km, 50km. Just 21.1km.

Everyone who completed yesterday’s BMO Marathon and Half-Marathon dominated the pavement. It gave me the motivation {and perhaps inspiration} to continue the journey towards becoming a runner.

Congratulations to everyone who completed the race yesterday. #RunVan was a complete success.


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