Rdio Export (to Spotify)

Rdio has been my main music machine for the past 3 years. I joined back in January 2012 and they have added so much joy to my life! Music matters, folks!

So if you haven’t heard… Rdio has been acquired (by Pandora) and it’s been shut down (insert super sad face here). (In other music streaming news… Songza will be evolving to Google Play Music in January 2016. :/ They were acquired by Google back in 2014).

So what to do if you’ve been a loyal Rdio fan?

  • Tweet them some love! Gratitude matters! Say thank you via #RdioFarewell!
  • Export your playlists out of Rdio
  • Import your playlists into Spotify

What’s the best (ie. simplest) way to export and import?

  1. Log into your Rdio account
    1. You will find a goodbye note from the Rdio team (http://www.rdio.com/farewell) explaining how to export your favourites, downloads, playlists and comments.
    2. Click “View Export Options”, then “Download Collection.”
    3. Save your Collection in your Dropbox account.
  2. Import your playlists into Spotify using Ivy (http://www.ivyishere.org)
    1. Click “Import your playlist now.”
    2. Browse for your playlist (in .csv format) in your Dropbox account
    3. Select your country and then click “Upload.”
    4. Complete Step 1A by selecting “Track Title” for the 1st column, and “Artist” for the 2nd column, then click “Confirm.”
    5. Ivy will tell you how many tracks they found, then click “Spotify this playlist” (this process will take a few minutes if you have huge playlists).
    6. Click the music note image to copy the playlist to your clipboard.
  3. Open Spotify! 
    1. Create a new playlist.
    2. Copy and paste! Ta da!

Easy peasy, eh?

May your 2016 be filled with new tunes, classics and many night of songs on repeat.

PS – If you’re into music (which I know you are!), check out this “Best of 2015” playlist by one of my favourite people. <3

PPS – If you want to export your Songza playlists (!) to Spotify, then check out this chrome extension and follow the FAQ.


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