quark part 1: meet pinkie & panda

Every once in a while I get this burning desire to be more involved than I already am.  The latest:

‘Pinkie and Panda to Blog their way to the North Pole’

Quark Expeditions is looking for those involved who love to write and travel, with a love for social media to compete in “Blog Your Way to the North Pole.”

The prize is a $54,000 trip on the 20th anniversary expedition to the North Pole in June 2011. Crazy eh?  Throughout the trip the winner will blog, photograph, video, and document the journey with the hopes of educating those around the world!

Many of you already know that I love to travel.  That coupled with communication, social media, and marketing gives me even more love!


Here is the application:

In November 2010, Jillian Walker (aka Pinkie) travelled to Vancouver to speak at a conference for young women in business. In the midst of her workshop she met Jeremy Lim (aka Panda). This was no regular handshake or hello my name is… instead Panda was taking photos at light-speed, capturing an animated and excited Pinkie. Soon enough she learned that Panda was not only a photographer, marketer, and musician, but also the king of awesome.

Pinkie arrived back in Calgary and stumbled upon the Quark contest via Twitter. Immediately she knew she must enter, and Panda must be her +1. Why? They are both social media enthusiasts, ridiculously fabulous, and have mad love for travel.

Pinkie has travelled throughout Europe, Africa, Japan, and North America. Highlights include riding a camel named Princess in Tunisia and skydiving in Hawaii. Panda’s travel experience complements Pinkie’s, adding Central America, Hong Kong, and Thailand to their list of travel accomplishments. Panda’s most memorable travel experience was meeting (and making out with) his girlfriend, Coco the stingray, in the Caymans!

In addition to blogging at http://jillianwalker.wordpress.com and http://www.jeremylim.ca, Pinkie and Panda consistently tweet and engage with the masses. Pinkie’s passion is employee engagement and making a difference in this big bad world. Panda is known for his online marketing skills and capturing the big moments of the world, most recently at the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, and the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.

Why should you vote for Pinkie and Panda? Pinkie is highly entertaining; she’s bound to make the shipmates laugh with her ridiculous comments, and likely paint the nails of a polar bear or two. Panda deserves to be her +1 because he will keep Pinkie mentally stable, the ship singing along to the latest tunes, and contribute to blogging to the North Pole and back! Although they have only spent 15 minutes together, a few things are for sure – they both ooze passion, dedication, and a commitment to making Canada proud.

Pinkie and Panda’s extensive travel experience and knack for social media will allow them to take the North Pole by storm. With matching outfits, a camera, and at least a few bottles of pink nail polish – they are bound to have the time of their lives, while taking you along for the ride!

Follow us on Twitter at @jillianwalker and @jeremylim, join our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pinkieandpanda, and vote!

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Lim - www.jeremylim.ca

I would love your support and vote during this competition.  Every one can only vote ONCE, so it shouldn’t be too taxing on our friends, family, and networks!  I’ll ask if you can please spread this world about the competition. Email your friends, share the link on Facebook, tweet, blog, the works. Jeremy and I would love to place in the top 5 by February 15, 2011 – and we know we can do it with your help.


With all my love. ❤

PS – Regular Jill-type blogging to commence during the holidays… I’ve been MIA due to catching up on sleep and enjoying life without university. :)

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