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I’ve been thinking about getting new headshots for quite some time, like probably 2 years. The last ones I had were taken in 2010 and although I loved them, they’re just not me anymore. I have evolved — and also, no longer have bangs. :)

A week or so ago, my girlfriend, Erin, posted on her Facebook recommending Chris Thorn Photography. It was short, sweet and she pretty much just said that Chris was a great guy. I got in touch with him, made an appointment and planned to meet up while I was on vacay.

Growing up I was NEVER comfortable with having my photo taken. I hated it. Bleh. I clearly remember someone trying to take my photo at Christmas in 1996. At that exact movement, I had braces, an eye patch over my right eye {long story} and I was an awkward tween. I avoided pictures and cameras like the plague. In 2003, I moved to Calgary, started university and learned that photos were a part of university culture. I definitely had a desire to fit in and soon after, taught myself to fake smile. The dreaded fake smile. Let me tell you, the fake smile, helped me for years and years — even sometimes, helps me to this day.

I arrived at Chris’ studio nervous and crossing my fingers that he was truly a good dude and not a nut bar. I really really really appreciate authenticity and warmth in a person. Chris was exactly that. He made me comfortable, we laughed and soon enough I told him that I used to hate having my photo taken. He was like – wha? We got over that quickly. I truly felt like Chris had my back throughout the process. I was crystal clear with what I needed — casual, warm, headshots that looked like ME. He moved quick, told me how to find my inner America’s Next Top Model and soon enough, he had taken a bazillion photos. 

Within a couple days, he had about 40 images back to me and told me I needed to choose a few. You know how hard that is? I went photo through photo judging my smile trying to determine if it was fake or genuine. Then I went to a few friends and made them vote {typical Type A behaviour}. The end result? A few photos that I love. Photos that are ME. 

photo (35)

Chris, thank you. I am totally over the moon with both the experience and the outcome. Thank you for being you — and thank you for bringing out the best in me.

PS – A pile of people have asked me why I would get headshots taken? Seriously folks, having a nice photo of yourself is necessary in today’s world! No one wants to see a cropped bar photo — perhaps they never did… They want to see a quality photo that showcases YOU. My main objective in getting my photos taken was for speaking gigs, but seriously whether you want to use them for your LinkedIn profile or for an award submission or for your Outlook profile photo at work — you will find a use for them! Promise.


  1. Sue Dickie December 4, 2013

    You look beautiful Jillian, just like you!

  2. Jillian Walker December 7, 2013

    Thank you! Fantastic experience. Very grateful that Chris found ME!

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