personality changes

so today i actually considered if i had set my goals too high and large for 2010?.. ridiculous, of course i can achieve them – but in order to, i need a work-life balance! some bad news hit my team, which changed our usual fun supportive environment into hostile and heated.  it made me think… do you really know someone until you have seen them in various environments? i don’t think you do.  people are versatile and adapt.  i like to think that i am fairly straight up and that if a true friend of mine came to my organization and watched me work, they wouldn’t be surprised that i’m opinionated, passionate, resourceful and well-respected.  today i saw a side of my co-workers, i had never seen before. i started thinking about the numerous ‘strangers’ i have incorporated into my life over the last few months.  should they be in my life? do i even know them? i’d like to believe i do, but doubt can hold a cloud over my judgment.  

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