out with the old

Years ago, I was blessed (ha ha) to accidentally buy a maternity nightie. What? You heard me… maternity nightie. So I was at Old Navy… (why is beyond me)… found this nightie and was like “ooo that’d be comfy” (I know… danger words).  Had no idea it was maternity nor that I was in the maternity section.  So purchased this nightie and I was completely pumped for comfortable nights ahead.

So what did it look like? You know those night gowns that older women used to wear? They were flannel at times, long sleeves, hung down to the floor? Well this was the more “trendy” version. Yes if there is such a thing.

Pink and white striped flannel.  Long sleeves. Just covered the bum cheeks.  Hot. I know.

It was spacey… for sure. Had room for a belly but I had no idea it was maternity until randomly a few months later I looked at the tag and gasped in shock.  Slightly mortified that I’ve been wearing maternity attire, after all, I’m Jill Walker… I care about my look, I care about fashion!

So I’ve worn this nightie throughout the years – although not everyone gets to see it. No guy I’ve ever been interested in saw it.  Only previewed to a few select friends.   A good girl friend of mine, Dionne, has always been mortified by the nightie.  She continually dared me to whip it out in front of random men.  Yes, I could test relationships with a maternity nightie. :S

I’ve always sworn I would never get rid of it… it’s comfy, remember!! Earlier this Spring, I washed my nightie with a bunch of jeans.  The result? Pink and white striped flannel nightie with blue undertones all through it (not quite evident in the picture, but whoa… it was blue!).  In my mind, my feminine maternity nightie was ruined.

Things happen for a reason right? I was getting into a new relationship at the same time – perhaps this was life’s way of telling me that I should not punish any normal soul in this world with such a shocking, unflattering, bedroom attire? Regardless, it was a stage in my life that I’ve now moved on from.

One day I look forward to being a mom. One day and at absolutely no time in the next few years.  At that time, I will wear a maternity nightie or elastic band pants proudly. Until then… I will stick to bedroom attire that fits my age and stage in life.  Hello Victoria’s Secret… it’s time for us to be friends again.  :)

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