no pants

Ok well it practically feels like no pants – but it’s actually… no approval on blog comments. :)

As many of you know, tomorrow a blog post is going “live” – actually, at exactly 6:00AM October 1, 2010.  I had previously eluded to this secret blog post here, on August 24th.

This Saturday, on October 2nd… I am writing the the National Professional Practice Assessment (NPPA) in hopes of achieving my Certified Human Resources designation.  I truly need to focus all my attention on this exam (especially since I only started studying this week haha).

I’ve decided to disable comment moderation on my blog and I’m stepping away from technology until after the exam.  I’ve stopped push notifications from Facebook and Twitter, and will try my absolute best not to check my email.

As much as I think I’m at peace with what I’m going to say tomorrow, I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’m not… and I can’t let myself get in the wrong head space moments before my big exam day.

Regardless of me saying I don’t need need or expect approval, comments, or pity; I will likely get it.  My goal is for you to listen and take something away from what I have to say.

Once I’ve processed what I’ve made public and the potential impact it could have on others, I’ll be back.

Check back for the post.

With all my love. ❤


  1. cocktailsattiffanys September 30, 2010

    Anything titled no pants always gets my attention haha. Good luck with the exam!

  2. jleed September 30, 2010

    good luck on the exam on sat! have fun at the concert in van too!! (if you’re still going).

    you better believe i’ll be reading your post tomorrow at 6am

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