no boys, no booze

on jan 2nd i made a promise to myself no boys, no booze for 4 months – which would take us till may 2nd.  by no means am i a massive slut or a slut at all haha, i just need a break from the boys!  the last few months of the year were beyond confusing from a relationship standpoint and all i did was giggle with excitement and/or complain about the drama that was unfolding. always up and down, up and down. all of it completely threw off my priorities with school, and as a result didn’t end the semester as confidently as i should have. of course, no boys… doesn’t actually mean NO BOYS.  i have male friends (and a lot of them!), i’m not ridding myself of my co-workers either.  but from a relationship pressure standpoint, bye bye. i’ll be available to the world for relationship ups and downs effective may 2nd.  

as for the booze. 2009 was full of excessive partying, a few drunken accidents, and many embarrassing moments. i’ve never been one to depend on alcohol to have a good time, be social, or need to curb stress. so, what’s with the drinking?  i don’t feel that substantial alcohol consumption is needed in my life anymore. AND… the next 4 months i am going to be extremely busy; more than full-time work and 4 classes at uni – no time for hangovers.

today is day 7 and i don’t feel an urge for either. since this so-called “resolution”, it’s surprising how many people have been pushing alcohol on me like none other !!! it’s like a challenge or something, well i’m putting this in writing for a reason – they will not win. 

dear wine – looking forward to meeting you again one day. xo.

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