new year, new start

today i emailed 10 people my goals for 2010 and a reflection as to what i learned in 2009.  it honestly felt like a sigh of relief to get everything off my chest – everything that i had been thinking and dreaming.  of the 8 major goals i set for 2010, here are a few of them:

goal: work only as long as I am productive (i’m pretty sure my brain doesn’t function when I stare at email for 10 hours a day).
execution: aim to work a regular 7.75 hour day and actually take my every other friday off.  educate my team on meetings; teach them that having “meetings” to talk about “meetings” is absolutely nonproductive. delegate responsibilities (i.e. be ok with letting go) to administrative staff.  read “getting things done” and the “four hour work week”.
success: more time for studying, relationships, free time, and sleep.  all around, less stress and frustration, as time at work will be more effective and efficient./

goal: transform JCI calgary into a more reputable and internationally known chapter.
execution: utilize social media and our new webpage to further develop our brand.  develop event strategy to positively promote JCI within the community.  apply for position on the national board.  assist with first timers orientation at world congress in osaka, japan.
success: increased membership.  increased satisfaction within current membership.  increased awareness of JCI calgary as a leading chapter in canada.  award-winning chapter at national and international conferences.

goal: graduate from university in 2010.
execution: complete 8 remaining courses (4 winter, 1 spring, 3 fall).  apply for 2010 scholarships.  maintain a 3.0 GPA for potential future master’s degree admittance.
success: bachelor of management – major in human resources, minor in social responsibility.

goal: sleep 7.5 hours a night and re-establish my love for quality sleep.
execution: re-prioritize how I spend my time and truly determine what and who is important to me.  eliminate baggage that is preventing me from taking care of myself.  schedule studying so that I do not have to study on school nights. i also really need to write things down when my mind is going a million miles an hour.
success: more energy, improved mental well-being, and the ability to handle what life throws at me.  less “ahhh I hate life today” moments – and oh yes, headaches.

“shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” – brian littrell

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