my love for cards

A random blog post to say… I love cards.  No not playing cards :P … but greeting cards, birthday cards, e-cards, homemade cards, ALL CARDS!  This isn’t a new thing… I’ve had an obsession with cards for years, but today I found some fantastic ones.

The best kind of cards are… 100%… cards for no reason.  Have you ever given a card for no reason?  It’s such a warm fuzzy.

I give cards… ALL THE TIME.  Yes birthday cards, Christmas cards, thank you cards… the usual – but also, cards to tell people they’re awesome, cards to say I’m sorry, cards to wish someone luck.

Some people don’t understand my love for cards, nor appreciate them when given.  I’m hoping one day they’ll learn. :)

I’m the type of person who will search out unique cards when abroad or visiting a new city – something that isn’t Hallmark or Carleton. I refuse to pay more than $5 for a card, unless proceeds are going to a non-profit.  I have a “card box”… yes it stores cards that I have found (and love), but haven’t found the right person to give them to yet.

I never, never ever, just sign cards.  I fill the page with thoughtful words.  Every single one I’ve written has come from my heart.  Oh and this should be no surprise, but they’re usually filled with at least a couple hearts and XO’s.

Anyways, today I finished writing 5 cards – and they will be popped in the mail and/or delivered promptly.  Now I am giddy with excitement for these special 5 to read them.

Giving cards gives me joy. ❤

PS – I’m not one of those crazy people who keeps every card they’re ever been given.  A special few hold a place in my heart though – they’re stored in a box under my bed. XO


  1. Shannon August 26, 2010

    I make my cards! I go to card making classes & workshops and use awesome stamps n’ stuff! I understand!

  2. Sarah August 27, 2010

    Yes! Cards!

    I send my boyfriend (Mr. P as he’s affectionately referred to sometimes) a card for no reason, in the mail, every week. I love stationary stores and he tries to keep me out of them because I’m such a sucker! I always make sure that the cards I send to him are of the same size and always in a coloured envelope. This involves me buying packages of generic cards at Michaels, just to get the coloured envelopes out of them (cheaper than purchasing the envelopes by themselves!).

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