Must Follow, Say What?


In November I received an email from Corinne at The Social Media Network advising that I was nominated in one of the award categories for the Vancouver Social Media Awards 2013!

I had been following along with the discussion surrounding the social media awards on Twitter for the past couple of weeks — but I was totally caught off guard to receive the nomination. I was asked to confirm availability {they have a few events shakin’ down in the Spring} and they advised they would be knocking down the nominations to ‘Top 7’ in each category by mid-December.

Last week The Social Media Network confirmed that they received 150 nominations — pretty wicked if you ask me. There are 8 categories… 4 for students {best student blog, best social video channel, best social media, must follow} and 4 for industry {best company blog, best social video channel, best social media campaign, must follow}.

A few minutes ago I heard from the crew and they told me I placed Top 7 for the Must Follow of 2013 Award!!

The Must Follow of 2013 award recognizes a single company or professional as an MVP using social media. An ideal candidate for Must Follow of 2013 should exhibit the following qualities:

  • Has a strong personal brand that utilizes and engages using social media
  • Actively uses multiple social platforms
  • A trendsetter that inspires others to emulate best social media practices
  • Exhibits knowledge on a niche topic that inspires insightful conversations online
  • Engages customers in a meaningful way

This award will be given to a single company or professional who excels in social media branding/marketing, whether it’s through Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, G+, etc.

So I can add this to my resume right? ;)

I started tweeting solely because a few colleagues I met on conference in Tunisia told me I had to be on it. I started blogging because I love to write and lost the key to my diary. I got on the beast that is Facebook because that’s what all the cool kids were doing. I’m on Google+ …. um, haven’t figured out why yet. I’m on YouTube because I needed a place to showcase video.

2013 Vancouver Social Meida Awards nominee

All of the social media networks are tools. The reason I use any of them is education and communication — whether sending or receiving.

Simple as that.

So what’s next? The Top 7 will be whittled down to Top 3. This will take place during the Spring and then the Top 3 will battle it out in person on March 28, 2013!

Exciting times!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you!

Now I just need to find out who nominated me. Come forward, tell me, tell me!

PS – This city is full of talented, amazing folks who totally get digital and social. Crazy amazing. Start listening and engaging. Let them in your life. Soak up their knowledge. Learn from them.


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  1. Sue Dickie December 12, 2012

    Well deserved Jillian! Congratulations and good luck!

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