making progress through the winter months

the first week of january, i had set some major 2010 goals/commitments to myself.  today i was thinking about my emotional health and how overwhelmed i’ve been feeling this week.  i felt it was time to reflect on those goals and determine if i have made progress to date and come up with a game plan for the upcoming months…

although work has been hectic, i have been able to prove my abilities to my team and prove to myself that i am actually capable of fitness & wellness programming.  the feedback that i have been getting is tremendous and i look forward to the coming months where i can apply my new knowledge/expertise to programming – with the hopes of having a very efficient and organized start to the fall sessions.

last year, i worked ALL THE TIME… the usual days, plus weekends and nights. i dedicated a large amount of my life to work. i had told myself that i needed to work only as long as i was productive. this would normally be a challenge for me to walk out early if i wasn’t actually being efficient – but somewhat thankfully, uni has forced me to leave work.  a few times i have “dropped in” on the weekend to grab something, but yes, i am definitely succeeding in this area of life! i had an opportunity to read the ‘four hour work week’ by tim ferris while on vacation, and i am going to implement working from home as soon as i can.  we call it “teleworking” and a large amount of my team is doing it – i don’t imagine it will be hard to roll out for may 2010…. oh yah, i’m only going to start with every friday working from home, but hey… it’s a start!

jci, specifically jci calgary… well it’s been a slow start to the year from a productivity level. i did win 2009 member of the year in january and couldn’t have been more thrilled.  i was also appointed to the national board for jci canada (woohoo!). although i don’t feel that i am giving jci as much of my attention as they require.  they are well aware that i am maxed for the first few months of 2010, but at the same time – i committed to them. i owe them some time.  i plan to set aside some time in the near future to work on business initiatives and continue to organize & promote the travel opportunities.  on a plus, i did finish my 2009 jci world congress video and mailed it out to 6ish countries, the review have been outstanding.

i am well on my way to FINALLY graduating from uni.  yes this semester has been beyond tough. 3 nights a week, plus saturday’s has been killing me…. well actually it’s not the class time that kills me – it’s the homework that goes with it.  i met with an academic advisor this week, and i know exactly what needs to get done before year end. it’s just a matter of putting my mind to it.

i have enrolled in the exam to start the hr designation process.  the human resources institute of alberta organizes the process and i will write the national knowledge exam (nke) on may 1, 2010.  if successful (i better be!), i will move on to write my national professional practice assessment (nppa) in october 2010.  it’s a tough one, so i’m going to have to get my mega study on for that one.  by attaining the designation, i will becoming a hotter commodity when eventually finding working abroad.

in 2010, i had told myself that i wanted to continue to experience the world.  i actually just got back from 10 days in hawaii & it was a wonderful experience.  surfing, skydiving, sun, turtles… couldn’t have been better. i am trying to sort out plans for the rest of the year – but can’t quite decide what’s more important… do i go to australia? can i even be sure that these interviews will pan out?  i stumbled upon a university summer exchange program at the solvay business institute in brussels, belgium & i’m strongly considering applying.  it’s a one week program in august, with the goal to learn about business in europe etc. i still need to think through my options…

surprisingly (considering i work in health & wellness), i’m failing at this part of my life.  sleep is for the weak?… yep i need more sleep (and i know it).  i’ve let the “busyness” of january/february rank more important than sleep and it is starting to take it’s toll.  my scoliotic spine has not had massage/physio/acupuncture in months and it needs its bad. making a point to work on my health in march.

progress has been made in 2010… most definitely.  all positive? of course not… but how can you expect it to be?  i like 2010, it’s already been quite the year.  the year itself motivates me.  motivates me to strive higher, set standards, and be the best that i can be. xo

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