Magic in the Sky

I am in love with Vancouver every moment of every day.

But last night I was extra in love.

Magic in the sky.

The beauty powered me through a personal best for my 10K too! 1:02:16.

Note: This photo was taken from the seawall in between Monk McQueen’s and Granville Island on April 23rd. If you steal the photo and don’t give me credit, I’ll destroy you. :) Oh yes, no special equipment, iPhone 4S.


  1. Sue Dickie April 25, 2012

    You are officially a runner! I have been running for 30+ years and have enjoyed your posts about running. You were not a fan at the beginning but that has changed. The picture above is the gift you received from your run last night. I seem to be blessed with ‘a gift’ each time I run, it’s what keeps me going. Thanks for the photo, it is beautiful.

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