Let me introduce you to my friend, Madigan, aka Madi.

What does she do?

Well she’s a bright young woman in Calgary, Alberta.  She is a Photographer, Web Designer, Visual Artist, Painter, and Illustrator.  “She is a business woman who brings creative flair to problem solving and strategy. She is fiercely committed to creating and encouraging positive work environments for partners, employees and clients in the same. A true believer and implementer in ethical thinking, equality, and free speech: she adds new life to a corporate & commercial backdrop.”  For the last 9 years, she has been the beauty and brains behind OfStorms Creative Studios.

How do I know her?

Earlier in the year, I was competing in a national business competition, called Focus 2040.  ANYWAYS… I had tweeted that I was looking for someone to do headshots for free.  A man named Paul Spenard responded saying he would do them.  Long story short, I was then passed from Paul to Al Del Degan (another Calgary photographer) and then to Madi! Of which, they both passed on the highest of recommendations of her work.  I met with Madi in March 2010 and my gosh – the day couldn’t have been more fabulous.  She is the easiest person to talk to, so low-key but completely genuine.  She is passionate about both her work and her client.  The final result?  Brilliant photographs that have wow’d everyone who has seen them.  What else? A new friend who constantly warms the hearts of others.

Why does she need help?

A series of unfortunate incidents happened to Madi and her family.  They have suddenly lost some major clients due to recession type reasons and are now scrambling to pick up the pieces.  They have sent a plea out to their friends for help, with the goal to generate some cash during the month of August.  Madi truly loves art.  She has continually donated her time and work to many people in the Art and Fashion industries.  Madi knows that they’re now in crisis state… and I’m going to do everything I can to help her out of it. 

So what can YOU do?

  • BOOK HER for freelance work based on my raving recommendation
  • REFER HER to any clients/friends/family you may have
  • WORK WITH HER on an idea you’ve been meaning to implement or brainstorm ideas for your product/service/company
  • SHARE HER story, her company, or her awesomeness (Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth… you know the jazz)
  • SUPPORT HER by buying FEMME 2010, an Artbook that celebrates women (and created by Madi!) with all proceeds going to the Calgary Women’s Shelter (no profit made, just a do good by you!)

How can she help YOU?

Madi’s rates are beyond reasonable.  She is a multi-talented lady with experience in the following:

[ Web-Stuffs ]

+ Web-pages
+ Web-sites
+ Web-stores
( Obviously, depends on the content, the number of pages, and amount of extras. For example, if you want a pop-up custom-rendered purple and green panda with a unicorn-horn which glitters with the light of one-thousand suns when someone clicks a link or types “awesome” in a search box, well, that might cost extra.)
$350 to $800.

+ Blog Design

+ Myspace Design

+ Ad-Design & Implementation
$60. Unless it’s like… a million-dollar campaign or something!

+Tutorials & “How-to” chat/skype
$25 for 2hrs? Sure, why not.

[ Photography ]

+ Port-building for : MUAS, Stylists, Models & Actors
+ Media photos
$80 to $350.
(Why does it go up? MUAs, Stylists, Clothing, Sets and locations,any special or specific gear-rentals, copyrights, commercial permission, length of shoot, how many models.)

+ Events

+ Engagement/Wedding
$500 to $1,200.
(What does this depend on? Determining factors: How far is it, how long am I staying, reception/after-party pics?, how many pictures you want, how much editing ( if any ) you want.)

+ Boudoir

+ Products
Assuming models are not required, 5 products : $30.

+ Families ( With pets or Children!!!!! )
$80 for an hour; pose to your hearts content – no editing

[ Art ]

+ Gen Cg Paintings/Sketches
+ Chibis ( Of you, of whatever )
+ Fan-art ( Comics, Movies, etc )
Sketch : $15
Inked : $20
Colour : $30
Full-Colour ( Means background too ) $60. ]

+ Concept Art * Incl. characters, instruments or vehicles ; excluding: environments and buildings.
[ $ 50 to $120 ]

+ Story-boarding per “scene”
Black and white : $30
Splash of colour : $45

+ Actual Paintings/Sketches ( Ink, Charcoal, Pastel, Chalk, Water-colour, Acrylic, Coloured-Pencil, Marker )
[ Acid-Free Paper ( 140lbs/300g/m² ) starting at : $30
Canvas Starting at $50 ]

+ Tat Designs
[ $20 to $50 ]

+ Sculpture ( Sculpey, Ceramic, “Found Objects”, Odd things like: wax, plastic, paper-clips too. Haha. Not kidding. )
3″ : $30
6″ : $40
12″ : $50

+Prints [ $10 to $50 ]

**If you really want to know how reasonable her prices are, check out today’s current market prices here. **

What is this Artbook all about?

“What happens when you take one  female photographer and five beautiful women and spend all day in the sunshine?  Laughter, elegance, and discovery. 

Of Storms™ is very proud to present FEMME 2010; the first of a yearly installment of the spirit of women, by women, and given back to women.  All proceeds from the sales of this  artbook are being donated to the Calgary Women’s Shelter. Featuring the stunning: Venessa, Nadia, Nelli, Jill, and Alexandra.”  $20.00 CDN, $3.00 shipping.  8.5 by 8.5 inches, 20 pages, softcover.

Psst… I was one of the chosen ones (and you obviously all love Madi by now!)… so get your hands on a copy. ;)


What’s in it for YOU?

This is an opportunity to give back… how many of you have given back recently? C’mon… it’s about time. :)  This is also an opportunity for you to get some ideas implemented.  How many of you wish you had new headshots – and brilliant, professional ones for only $80?  I know… I KNOW… that many of you are starting to blog, building websites, starting new companies – this is your opportunity to build a relationship with a fabulous Web Developer and have a pristine final product too!  How many of you have a huge network of people that could potentially need a  Photographer, Web Designer, Visual Artist, Painter, and Illustrator? ALL OF YOU.   

How about me?  What am I going to do?

So if I’m asking you to help out… I better be helping out too… right right? :) For those that know me, you know that I will do absolutely anything for a good friend.  Madi has helped me out time and time again – whether it be a shoulder to cry on, a moment to capture, or a photograph to take.  Now it’s my time to give back. :)  I have booked Madi for a photo shoot that will be taking place later in August.  I will provide the wine and she will take pictures of my scoliotic spine – the result will be a beautiful art piece and a lasting Madi memory.  I also told her that I would recommend her to my friends.  I honestly believe she does brilliant work and the world is based on recommendations. So really, how could I not?  I have spent a lot of time writing this blog post, why?  Because I care. I believe in Madigan Reilly.  At the end of the day, this is not only about money.  This is about friendship, love, and support. ❤ 

How can you get in touch with Madi?

Email: mreilly [at] ofstorms [dot] com

Official Website:






If you’ve made it this far… thank you for reading.  It means the  world and every ounce of support helps. With all my love. ❤

PS – Yes, she does take photographs (and work with) men.  The above photographs happened to be some of my favourites, and coincidentally, only ladies. Check out the above links for more of her work. 

PPS – Madi had no review of this post or input into anything.  Hehe… I hope she likes. Love.


  1. jillianwalker August 6, 2010

    If for some reason you can’t get the FEMME 2010 link to work… let me know… I’m having off and on issues with it… :)

  2. Cate August 6, 2010

    Look at @blendlab ‘s profile on Twitter. He posted this a couple days ago:

    CM [Critical Mass] is looking for talented advertising/marketing Art Directors and Motion Designers. Send me your portfolios!

    I’m a geologist so forgive me if I’m completely wrong on the similarity in what Madi can do and what Ken is looking for.

    Good luck!

  3. Madi August 6, 2010

    You’re an angel. I am luck to know you. <3

  4. Madi August 6, 2010

    Lucky, too.

    DUR, speak english guud.

  5. Sabrina May August 7, 2010

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Madi twice now. But when I had the chance to sit down and really get to know her. She was such a ray of light. And her talent is unbelievable! Possibilities of working together with her, I am super excited for.

    Fabulous write up Jillian.

  6. Al Del Degan August 10, 2010

    Beautiful Post. Madi is an amazing artist and I have a lot of respect for her many talents. I promoted her in one of my podcasts a while ago and her new book in my most recent podcast. We all need to stick together and support each other. Despite what some people may tell you, we can all be rich and famous in our own way. If we all work together we just get there much faster.

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