Labelling Generations

Every so often I write a post on the Elevated HR blog that I think relates to my personal blog followers. This is one of them.

Random Gen Y Thoughts II

By Jillian Walker, Vice President, Client Experience of Elevated HR Solutions

Labeling employees in the workplace… we all do it, yet we all hate it. Take the title of this post for example. Branding myself as a Gen Y makes it easier to differentiate Michelle and my thoughts.

Late last week I was asked to write an article on “Gen Y” for an online HR publication. I was immediately unsure how I would write it and asked for clarification on the topic. Nope, no help, just write something on Gen Y.

I often refer to myself as Gen Y, because I am so close to fitting the description. But others who are exactly the same generation as me, and even the same birth year, do not fit it. It’s to the detriment of leaders in the workforce to ‘brand’ their staff as any generation.

People are different — and that is what we should love about them.

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Do you refer to yourself as Gen Y, Gen X, Boomer etc?

I’d love to know your thoughts!


  1. Derek, Chief Community Officer September 11, 2011

    Blah, the GenY tag:) I think the defining characteristic of GenY is that they’re not comfortable with labels, which makes labeling the generation all the more ironic. Millennial? I kind of dig that word. GenY? Not even sure what that’s supposed to mean.

    I get asked quite a bit about defining characteristics of GenY by all kinds of parties interested in either working with @20sb or figuring out the community in one way or another, and my answer is always the same; they’re largely undefinable. They share an awareness of the world because they’re the first generation who’s grown up with the web, but beyond that they’re a largely individualistic crowd with a sense of possibility…they’re hard pressed to except status quo or miserable jobs. Increasingly the older crowd is behaving in similar fashion, and kids today are even more adept at accessing the world and interacting with it to become the people they want to be.

    You said it right; trying to draw lines around a generation, especially young adults today, is a misfire.

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