It’s Do What You Want To Do December

How is it December? I don’t even know – but some how it is…

Now we must rally together to get through holiday parties, friend festivities, and all the events that usually come with end of year. Right?!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I have to do vs. what I want to do.

And you know what I’ve (finally at the age of 32) realized? If you don’t want to to go to the party, you don’t have to go to the party. If you don’t want to buy a gift, you don’t have to buy a gift.

If you (err, I mean, me) need anything, it’s to do more of what you actually want to do. 


it’s a busy time of year. I don’t think that will ever change. The holidays bring hustle and bustle and excitement in the community – and lots of that is good!

The big thing to be aware of is the pressure you put on yourself during the holiday season. What decisions are you making today that are creating stress, overwhelm, anxiety for your future self? You always have a choice. You get to choose what you commit to, what you want your December to look like, and most importantly, you get to choose how present you want to be.

This month, I’m committing to take more space to breathe. I’m going to take a step back from my regular life stuff and take a time out. For me, that’ll mean saying no to home renovations, no to working a bazillion hours a week, and likely no to anything that doesn’t feel necessary.

Things I’m excited about this month: decorating our tree (it’s our 1st Christmas in our new home!), heading back to Salt Spring for the holidays and spending time outside! My fingers are crossed for a snowy snowshoe up to First Pump Peak on Seymour Mountain.

If you’re keen to take a time out for you this month, but need a little kick in the pants to do it, then you’re in luck – there are a bunch of events centered around mindfulness and self-care coming up (and many are free!).

Happy holiday season. Remember to breathe and take care of YOU too.