Introducing… Runcouver!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been brainstorming, planning — maybe even scheming.

Yesterday I {randomly} announced the launch of Runcouver!

Back the train… whaatttt? :) I’m not very good at surprises, but for whatever reason, I was this time! Over Thanksgiving weekend, I had the opportunity to meet with two young women in Victoria. We went for brunch and had the opportunity to discuss everything from university life to community involvement to travel — and running.

Running has hugely changed my life. A year ago I wasn’t a runner… and I also didn’t have a clue about running shoes or the seawall. Since then I’ve learned so much about myself and the Vancouver community. I’ve learned to breathe — whoa, life isn’t only about work or school! I’ve learned to run — 20k, no problem {…most of the time}! And most importantly, I’ve learned what it feels like to be strong — both in mind and body.

Throughout my running journey, I’ve been continually been asked — How did you start running? How do I start running? Can you get me started? etc etc. — After a conversation with the girls in Victoria, I decided that I would package up my commitment to running and passion for education into a coaching program. My goal is to unite a group of young women in realizing their potential. I want to help them crush goals and become comfortable in their own skin, while soaking up this beautiful city and having a whole pile of fun.

Runcouver is twofold — a community and a run crew.

Run Community: 

Runcouver aims to connect all levels of pavement crushers and trail dominators, into one positive, motivating, goal crushing community. The only requirement is that you gotta love our city to the moon and back. 

Run Crew:

The 2012/2013 pilot of the run crew is comprised of young women who are committed to striving high and kicking some serious ass as they bust towards run goals. 

It is an opportunity for girls to unite together on a mission to improve themselves. The crew will be working towards one big goal (running a half marathon in beautiful Vancouver), but the adventure will also be about continually improving mind – body – soul and getting in some good ol’ fabulous self-development.

In addition to the Run Crew, my hope is that Runcouver becomes a community of people who are passionate about running in this beautiful city. I expect it to be a source of information for runners, an inspiration for those wanting to learn how to run and a support group when the sideways rain is coming down in December and we all know we need to put in 11k. ;)

Thank you to everyone for your support over the last day — I am extremely grateful for the high fives and fist pumps. If you’re interested in the #RunCrew, make sure to read the Quick &  Dirty intro to the program here and then drop me a line at!

I can’t wait to meet the young women who will be part of the #RunCrew and see how Runcouver evolves over the next year.

With all the run love in the world. xo